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Journal Journal: Chris O'Brien and Cohorts this weekend

If you live in the Minneapolis area, you might decide to show up at the Steak Knife in Dinkytown on the evening of March 12. Live music, no bullcrap. As usual if you look around at the show for free live recordings you'll be able to find them.

Or you might prefer to show up at Mayslack's in Northeast on Saturday evening.

Or you could sit at home and bitch incessantly about the evils of the international corporate music syndicate, while denying yourself the opportunity to legally give the finger to the man by supporting local, live music of better than average quality, and expose yourself as the wanker^H^H^H^H^Hinner you really are.

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Journal Journal: ColdFusion, the Perl of Proprietary Programming Environments

ColdFusion is really annoying. We use it at work because there is lots of existing code in the health care industry that uses ColdFusion. It's much like Perl: everything _and_ the kitchen sink is included, it goes out of its way to match the lexical style of things familiar to programmers in this domain, yet in the end it is difficult to do serious work with it since there are so many incompatible ways to accomplish any given task.

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Journal Journal: Hey, asshole

Guess what.

You see that oncoming stream of traffic? The one I am going to turn left in front of?

I don't have to do so until the oncoming stream of straight-moving traffic comes through the intersection. In fact, it is not legal to do so. Despite the constant blaring sound of your horn in my ear, and the extended middle finger you wave at me as a token of your obviously superior intelligence.

asshole. die. horribly.


Journal Journal: Chris O'Brien and Cohorts shows

If you live in the Minneapolis area, and care about real live music, take a look at the Chris O'Brien and Cohorts website to see where/when we perform next. Yes, that's me, the dorky looking guy with the pharcked-up cello thingy.

We often make live recordings available for free; you can check for them on the filesharing networks. Working on posting some shows this week.

You might even bother to mention that you found out about it through this journal entry. That's highly unlikely as I've never really adhered to the whole blogging thing. Think of this as more of a social experiment with no audience.

Or you might decide to stay home staring at the mind-frying electron tube spouting off about how much better you are than the rest of us. It's a perfectly reasonable alternative to possession of a life. After all, according to certain choice authorities here I am a "whiny cunt", without a sense of humor and unworthy of life. That would really hurt if it weren't so far from truth that it makes me fall out of my seat laughing.

Go get a life yourselves; at least I have one, however dull you might find it. You might start by coming to hear some real music. It would beat looking over my shoulder at the crappy ColdFusion "code" I churn out against my better judgement.

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