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Submission + - GPL Compliance and Censorship (

mithrandir14 writes: The current maintainers of netatalk formed a commercial entity to provide support to corporate entities in an attempt to fund further development of the project. ( In January they posted a list of vendors who they felt should be paying them but were not to their news blog with a very disgruntled and petty tone. In June, apparently, since same vendors still were not paying them they closed all development on the project and withheld the source and binaries except to those customers who were paying them in an attempt to extort money out of consumer NAS vendors using their product. The code and binaries withheld included the necessary afp 3.3 implementation details to support time machine on the forthcoming OS X 10.7 release. Some very disturbing actions followed. We've come to expect this type of closed communication and censorship from corporate entities but to see it from the maintainers of a fairly popular GPL'ed project is disheartening. The code is once again available but appears to have taken steps to obscure the fact that they were pressured into doing so instead of doing so of their own accord. A timeline of events is located here:

Submission + - NetGear and knowingly violating GPL (

mithrandir14 writes: Netgear is now releasing binaries for the ransomed (by GPL'ed netatalk 2.2 codebase with a functional-enough afp3.3 implementation for OS X 10.7's time machine. Still no source to be found anywhere. If you have not been following this story, the netafp organization released an "open letter letter to the netatalk community" announcing it's intention to stop releasing source to anyone but directly paying customers in an attempt to ransom money out of various low budget NAS vendors to prop up their failing business model. Now one of their paying customers has released binaries based on these ransomed changes and still no source from either party. Netgear has a link on their GPL page for source to version 4.2.18 with a note saying "coming soon" and a 404'ed link.

Submission + - SPAM: BMW 328 Hommage - Sieu xe la cho tuong lai

golfandlife writes: Nhan sc yêu kiu, sc mnh v£t tri, thit k tin dng, BMW 328 Hommage không ch khng nh mt s hi sinh mnh m ca phiên bn BMW 328 tng “thng tr” làng ô tô trong th k trc mà còn nâng tm giá tr thm m ca các dòng xe th thao BMW
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