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Journal Journal: My Thoughts on GoboLinux

Well, I'm sure a lot of people have seen the recent story about GoboLinux and it's innovative directory structure. I've been chatting about it with people on the Gentoo forums and I've come to the conclusion that the new structure is quite a good idea.

Many people don't like it because they're resistant to change, but the fact is that Linux is still using a directory structure long ago considered obsolete. It's very difficult to find things in the standard structure, especially for a new user, and sometimes even for a veteran. How do you know that one particular system didn't decide to put all their apps in /usr/local/bin instead of /usr/bin -- you have to check.

I fully endorse the concept of implementing GoboLinux's file structure as an option in Gentoo Linux. However, I won't be switching over to Gobo anytime soon, Portage is still best in my book.

Journal Journal: Finally settled on a distro

Well, after a couple of years of Slackware loyalty, I have been pulled into another camp, Gentoo.
Gentoo is a beautiful Linux distro centered around a BSD-ports style package management system.

I love being able to build everything custom for my system, and I doubt I will ever change to any other distribution.

Check it out: http://www.gentoo.org


Journal Journal: My Switch Back

Hehe, well after some 'fun' attempting to install and configure debian, I've decided to go back AGAIN to Slack 9. I tried using the new testing 'sarge' install and I ended up in an endless loop:

Enter Hostname:
Do these network settings look correct?

Enter Hostname:
Do these network settings look correct?

After about 4 times through I decided to restart the install. That was the least of my problems...

Journal Journal: My Switch

If it's one thing that I've always been indecisive on, it's my Linux distribution... I've tried almost everyone under the sun, but I always seem to come back to Slackware. Unfortunately, the one thing I'm lacking is package management, which is why in a few hours I plan on switching over to Debian. Wish me luck!
User Journal

Journal Journal: First Post... I mean Journal

Well, I've been a /. user for about a year or so... I figured I should start a journal. I'm not really into blogging and such, but I'll see where it goes.

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