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Journal Journal: High Score Table

Tyrant now features a very cool high score table

The idea behind this, apart from giving enromous bragging rights to anyone making it into the leaderboard, is to give the development team detailed stats about player success rates using different character types. This should greatly aid game balancing.

Next step is to add some more cool fetaures like separate Top X ranking for each character class and similar.

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Journal Journal: New Tyrant Site

To solve the bandwidth problems from Tyrant, I'm currently testing out the web hosting service at sourceforge.

The new page is: Tyrant

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Journal Journal: Tyrant bandwidth worries

The upsurge in interest in Tyrant is now getting dangerously close to hitting my bandwidth limit....

Perhaps not helped by the fact that I have uploaded a sneak preview of the new version.

Everything progresses well thus far!

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Journal Journal: Playing around with blogs

Trying out the google blogging system. Quite interesting, but haven't yet decided whether it's better to use a tool like this or maintain notes on my own site. I'll probably try both for a bit just to see how they work out.

mikera's blog

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Journal Journal: Tyrant

I'm finally getting round to doing some more work on my roguelike game:


More details to follow, but there are some cool things in the pipeline.....

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