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Journal Journal: Network Solutions Tactics

I've had the domain name boonedocks.net since 1998. Back when there wasn't any competition for getting a name.

While there is domain competition, I've read so many unpleasant stories about transferring domains from NetSol that I've been reluctant to try.

So, I've been going along, paying for one year renewals each June. This year was different. In April I got an email saying I had to renew for 2 years, at a cost of $70. I ignored it, figuring I'd worry about it in early June, when the domain actually expires.

A week later I got an invoice in the mail for the same $70. I once again ignored it.

At the end of April I got another invoice, marked up in red saying FINAL NOTICE and that it was Overdue as of the 25th. Since when have you had to pay 6 weeks in advance? I ignored it too.

Today I finally paid the thing. I went to the link listed on the last invoice, and it only gave me the 2 year renewal option. That was something new and unwelcome for this year. So I did a little research on Google Groups, and someone offered this link:


That link let me choose how many years I wanted to renew, anywhere from 1 to 9. The odd thing, was that this form offered you 3 years renewal for $69.99. I went with that since it would let me forget about it all for a while, plus I got an extra year for a penny less! Maybe in the next 3 years, the domain transfer process will get straightened out, or maybe NetSol will start pricing competitively.

I got a confirmation email from them saying I was good until 6/7/05. Hopefully they won't find some weird user agreement legal mumbo-jumbo to mess with my domain.

What a pain!


Journal Journal: No Moderation in the Frequency of Moderation?

Today was the 4th time this year I've been given moderator access. I'm not sure why I'm getting it so frequently lately...last year it was never more than once every month or two. That was a frequency I could handle...I never really get that deep into a Slashdot discussion anyway. Now getting access every couple weeks seems more of a burden than a priveledge. I think I'll let the points expire this time and see if the system will space-out my moderation opportunities a bit.

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