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Comment Only because the truth is "racist" (Score -1) 1208

Everything John Derbyshire wrote in regards to the average intelligence and average criminality of blacks is demonstrably true, and based on observable reality.

When you can't argue with the facts, just demonize the writer as "racist".

Humanity is naturally self-segregating, and will segregate along racial lines as long as there exists freedom of association. Desegregation, on the other hand, is unnatural and requires force to impose for even brief periods.

Comment Re:As a business owner (Score 0) 714

No. I'm sorry, but trying to discriminate against someone like this IS actively harming and cheating someone else.

Since there are countless potential employers, any harm done is very minor, and it's not "cheating" under any reasonable definition of the term.

My right to work trumps your entitlement to be an asshole.

Sorry, but Amendment I of the united States Constitution is clear: I have the right to freely associate with those whom I wish, including in the course of business.

If you have a problem with that, perhaps we can force you to hire Rick Santorum, or somebody like him, for a hefty salary. And if you try to discriminate against him, we get to kill you and your entire family for non-compliance.

How would you like that?

Comment Commie bullshit (Score -1) 284

"Sustainability" is code word for 'Total State'; nothing more than totalitarianism, only now using the environment as justification. It looks to me like the book is merely just another commie screed.

"Ross Jackson" needs to have his brains blown all over the walls of his home.

Comment Re:No rule of law in New Jersey (Score -1) 671

OMG, I'm gay! How can I join?

All you have to do is become a member of, and/or donate to any one of the numerous "gay rights" pressure groups.

I wish I could kill everyone who I disagreed with

Idiot. We aren't talking about mere disagreement. We're talking about agents of the State committing violence against someone for the "crime" of turning on a webcam.

Comment No rule of law in New Jersey (Score -1, Flamebait) 671

This is, of course, a show trial put on by the Gay Mafia.

Given that the two had no information as to Clementi's psychological instability, there's no way that Ravi and Wei could have reasonably believed that this prank might drive Clementi to kill himself, and therefore, to say that Clementi's suicide was an intended result is preposterous.

With the help of the government schools and universities, sodomites have been urging people to not only indulge their abnormal sexual desires, but to identify themselves by it, being told that such desires are perfectly right and should not be resisted. Still though, Clementi obviously believed that what he was doing was shameful and wrong, and he killed himself for it. If anybody "shares blame" for Clementi's suicide, it's the "gay rights" advocates.

The prosecutors (persecutors) in this case need to be shot to death. For allowing the case to go forward, the judge also needs to be killed.

Comment Re:Kill "Dan Savage" (Score -1) 775

Of course by "publicly expressed his personal disapproval of homosexual perversions" you mean wanting to legislate discrimination into our laws and ram intolerance down our throats.

I thought those who you seem to be advocating for loved having stuff rammed down their throats.

That aside, I challenge you to post the titles of, and links to, legislation that, while a Senator, Rick Santorum introduced which would "legislate discrimination into our laws".

He said a bunch of stuff that offended people, and the offended people didn't just sit idle and take it.

And instead of acting like ordinary humans and producing cogent and halfway intelligent replies to Santorum's message, they chose instead to act like sub-human monkeys throwing feces. Not exactly a way to win many converts to your cause.

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