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Journal Journal: One millionth Slashdotting? 1

What's the count on slashdot posts? Is it made public? How about the millionth slashdot post? user account? Estimates for when this will happen?

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Journal Journal: Wikipedia topic addition

Now that Slashdot has become a forum for full-length excerpts from Sanger's memoirs... it seems appropriate to have a new WP topic added to the growing dropdowns. I know I can never figure out what to classify it under when I go to post something new.
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Journal Journal: More friends

since this interface is impossible to figure out, some friends: irabinovitch (socal lx expo/wp)
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Journal Journal: Accounting love

Don't you love it when, in addition to forgetting the password to an old account, you no longer know the username or the email address you used? Ah well, best to start a new account anyway.

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