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Journal Journal: Subscriptions...

I caved in and paid for a subscription to slashdot.

I try to sooth myself by thinking it's supporting the community. The real reason was to block ads.

Well, make that one ad, specifically.

I can't be the only one who thinks the OSDN personals ad is just insane. I mean, if one could actually score the hot-young-beautiful woman-with-the-peek-a-boo-hairstyle in the oversized turtleneck that mocks me everytime I see her online, using a computer, don't you think slashdot would have page views of approximately zero?

Anyway, I got tired of being bashed in the head by that chick every page view, reminded of the beautiful women I've seldom (but fortunately not never) dated.

So I paid for the subscription.

Never underestimate the motivational power of something that reminds a nerd of his lack of love life.

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Journal Journal: scan2pdf script

So, I had a query regarding the scan2pdf script mentioned in a comment... but seem to be unable to respond.

For those who care:

# scan2pdf
# modprobe scanner if there is a fault.

while scanimage --mode binary --source "Automatic Document Feeder" --auto-eject=yes \
--resolution 300 -x 203 -y 280 >/tmp/s2pdf$$.pnm

    convert -page letter -compress fax /tmp/s2pdf$$.pnm /tmp/s2pdf$$.ps

cat /tmp/s2pdf$$.ps >>/tmp/s2pdfout$$.ps


if [ $1 != "" ]; then
        ps2pdf /tmp/s2pdfout$$.ps $1.pdf
        ps2pdf /tmp/s2pdfout$$.ps scan.pdf

rm /tmp/s2pdfout$$.ps /tmp/s2pdf$$.pnm /tmp/s2pdf$$.ps

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