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Journal Journal: Suggestion for "Spoken Hex"

I've been struggling with the problem of becoming more intimately familiar with the hexadecimal notation system, and it occurs to me it would be much easier to learn if I could converse with others using a spoken equivalent of the numbers.

Something like:
> cat spokenhex.txt
0x01: one
0x02: two
0x03: three
0x04: four
0x05: five
0x06: six
0x07: seven
0x08: eight
0x09: nine
0x0A: aaa
0x0B: bee
0x0C: see
0x0D: dee
0x0E: eee
0x0F: eff
0x10: hex
0x11: hexy one
0x12: hexy two
0x13: hexy three
0x14: hexy four
0x15: hexy five
0x16: hexy six
0x17: hexy seven
0x18: hexy eight
0x19: hexy nine
0x1A: hexy aay
0x1B: hexy bee
0x1C: hexy see
0x1D: hexy dee
0x1E: hexy eee
0x1F: hexy eff
0x20: dux
0x30: trex
0x40: quex
0x50: pex
0x60: sex
0x70: zex
0x80: ox
0x90: nex
0xA0: aex
0xB0: bex
0xC0: kex
0xD0: dex
0xE0: eex
0xF0: fex
0x100: hext
0x200: dext
0x300: trext
0x400: quext
0x500: pext
0x600: sext
0x700: zext
0x800: oxt
0x900: next
0xA00: aext
0xB00: bext
0xC00: kext
0xD00: dext
0xE00: eext
0xF00: fext

How would one approach standardizing such a system, or better, has it already been done?

I admit, you end up with questionable numbers like "sexy one" (97) but aside from a few giggles here and there, couldn't something like this be taught in schools?


Journal Journal: The ACU weighs in on INDUCE

That's right the ACU (American Conservative Union), not the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) is 'running a newspaper and magazine advertisement campaign against the anti-P2P law known as the Induce Act. Companies worry that bill could target products such as Apple Computer's iPod. The ACU holds Republican activists and former senators on its board of directors. "This is the Hollywood liberals trying to crush innovation. What's sad is that they've got Republicans on their side." said ACU deputy director Stacie Rumenap. A vote on the bill is scheduled for Thursday.' Way to muck up an important legislative issue with stupid political polemic. The article is posted on

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