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Submission + - Alternative to /.?

KGBear writes: I've been participating in /. for about 10 years. Lately and more and more frequently I've been having this feeling that /. is becoming/has become irrelevant. Apple/Microsoft is good/bad, the recurring boring metrication of America, up to today's predictable take on IT people, make me wonder if /.'s era isn't over. In that spirit, what suggestions do /.'ers have for getting a high-quality fix of relevant, current, news for nerds?

Submission + - Google Maps used to help a fledgling sport

Cowardly Anonymous writes: "There have been many uses for the Google Maps API but it has now been used to help the fledgling sport of Parkour. Parkour is the sport of efficient movement over obstacles with close ties to free running. have produced a map that allows anyone to show where they live and their favourite training areas. This encourages safe training and closer community ties. This is another example of how the modern nerd is an active nerd. Please see WWJ or SCPK for more information about parkour."

Submission + - 3d printer to build houses

gbjbaanb writes: Ok, its not quite like the 3d printer, even if it is inspired by it, but this is still cool: , from the Sunday Times, a robot is being developed to build houses.

The first prototype — a watertight shell of a two-storey house built in 24 hours without a single builder on site — will be erected in California before April. The robots are rigged to a metal frame, enabling them to shuttle in three dimensions and assemble the structure of the house layer by layer. The sole foreman on site operates a computer programmed with the designer's plans.

Inspired by the inkjet printer, the technology goes far beyond the techniques already used for prefabricated homes. "This will remove all the limitations of traditional building," said Hugh Whitehead of the architecture firm Foster & Partners, which designed the "Gherkin" skyscraper in London and is producing designs for the Loughborough team. "Anything you can dream you can build."

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