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Journal Journal: Latest update

I've been a little sick recently, but this is what I'm going to post in a new build soon:

  • CSS System rewrite. Now, LexicalUnits are passed onto tags.
  • Some attempts to implement XUL Observers
  • Splash screen

Oh, JTidy might get the axe. It sucks :(


Journal Journal: Longhorn 4008 2

I recently installed Longhorn Build 4008 on my lappy, even though I did have both Longhorn 3683 & 4008 on my desktop a few months back.

First, I recommend you look at My wine-devel post

My 3d2001SE marks dropped from 672 to 630. Consider the fact that my Duron 920Mhz Desktop with a GeForce4 Ti gets a 6300.

DirectX 9 games don't seem to work, freezing at startup. Gunmetal froze on my desktop, and 3dMark2003 refused to work on my lappy (it would only get around 10 :) ).


* A lot of references to Windoze XP have been changed to 'Longhorn Professional'. A notable exception is the Help center
* ZoneAlarm completely doesn't work at all, in terms of firewall.
* Now you know if you will get a Blaster message. The RPC service crashes, then issues a shutdown.
* Explorer crashes a lot. Remember, its a .net app
* I've discovered that Explorer and the sidebar are DirectX Apps
* The Intersil Prism Driver can't find its hardware, even though 802.11b still functions.

User Journal

Journal Journal: News roundup

On the Jazilla front, I've added a splash screen and fixed a table layout bug.

On Sunday, I went to the swap meet and snagged:
1) Thermal Grease $4
2) Cold Cathdote $35 (Green)
3) Cooler Master LED Fan $12

I already have a Blue Cold Cathdote and Blue LED fan in my case, so I fitted the Cold Cathdote and the Fan in. With the pre-existing stuff, it makes a good effect.

As for the thermal grease, I used it on my old gf4mx cooler to cool my gf4ti ram chips

User Journal

Journal Journal: Jazilla M2 Beta

Well, its the last day of the school holidays. (back to school for me tomorrow, dammit!) I've made significant advances on jazilla's codebase in the past 3 weeks, so lets go over them:

- Switch to XPFE (after modifing XPFE files)
- CSS Support, border: and text-decoration: only for the moment. Yes, align: was started, but it didn't work
- A dozen fixes to do with developing other apps with Jazilla (I found them while making a xul tutorial)
- Hidden easter egg (even though its not easter)
- Style and Span implemented. But DIV is proving to be a pain in the ass. to implemented
- M2 Alpha, XPFE raw --> M2 Beta (current) --> M2 (end of week)
- New developer: Nathan Le. Working on UI, which is fr33ing me to work on the renderer (even though I will work on the UI from time to time. We still need to implement XPCOM and overlays)
- I predict we might break out of Milestone (read: alpha) releases by October/November


Journal Journal: The strain of undocumented elements

While working to get XPFE working on Jazilla, it looks like the XPFE team (now probably all working on Firebird) don't document their own code good enough.


<tabbrowser> (http://lxr.mozilla.org/seamonkey/source/xpfe/browser/resources/content/navigator.xul#316 ) mapped to <browser> in Jazilla; Lines 305-324 omitted completely in favour of: <browser id="content" src="chrome://jazilla/start.html">. At expense of the sidebar (<splitter> support in Jazilla is pretty crap anyway)

<toolbarbutton> (http://lxr.mozilla.org/seamonkey/source/xpfe/browser/resources/content/navigator.xul#133). Mapped to <button> in Jazilla. The above and this one are hardly documented in the _offical_ XUL programmers reference: http://www.mozilla.org/xpfe/xulref/.

<splitter collapse="left/right"> Not a culprit, as it's documented, but a pain in the ass to implement in Swing.

Use of <menubar> in <hbox>. (http://lxr.mozilla.org/seamonkey/source/xpfe/browser/resources/content/navigator.xul#127).
Also a Pain in the ass. In Jazilla-XPFE it's moved to the top level

And for my critics:
Wait until Jazilla 1.0 and we will see...


Journal Journal: The future of Jazilla

Reports of hackers starting to hack a new Java port of Mozilla came on the 3rd of April 1998. I noted that IBM largely welcomed this. JavaSoft (almost non-existent these days, Java is pretty much marketed by Sun directly) also welcomed it "It is a great thing that they are doing it," said Tucker. "It seems like it might be a good thing for the industry to get a Java version of the browser.".

Two years later, the Jazilla project stalled, and a year after that, jXUL, (which would also stall, but become the base of a new Jazilla base one year later) was released (see here)

I took over the Jazilla project in August 2002 and moved very quickly by hacking the toolbars to look like Phoenix, and then released M2, which was the last ever release of Jazilla-classic/JavaGator.

A month later, I forked jXUL, had a look at it and then later implemented the browser tag. I had a disk crash, and lost it. So I've just created a new implementation which also has JS bindings (It ain't in CVS yet, Rhino appears to be blocking it from running).

Overall, Once the bulk of Jazilla work is completed, Jazilla should have a simular path to Mozilla (without XPFE being mothballed, hey XPFE rulez), with people using it to create cross platform programs, and having a good browser.

Since Jazilla is obviously coded in Java, Jazilla could be used to port XPFE or if you bloddy well prefer, Firebird to a whole lot of platforms which it doesn't run at the moment, only requiring a J2SE interpreter. Heck, if you search google groups far down enough, Al Sutton questioned weather to port NSPR to Java. It never happened, unfortunately :-(

I end on a bad note. I am the only developer working on the Jazilla project at the moment. Yes, there is a massive list of named on the SF names, but I am not allowed to remove them without appropriate authorisation yet. So if you are interested in a Java port of Mozilla should start hackin'


Journal Journal: What to do with proprietary protocols?

I'm thinking of adding a squakbox client module to my VA-Pilot program so then I can add a VA-Pilot-to-FlightGear data bridge. I read the Developers prospectus and guess what?. It had 'proprietary' written all over it. It [the document] required me to sign a agreement not to 'let anything out' if I want to develop something for this protocol. What do you think I should do?

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