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Comment Re:"What Difference Does It Make?!?!?!" (Score 1) 671

11 vs 48? More like 48 vs 48, IMO. Hillary Clinton is completely, utterly corrupt. Her government experience is therefore a bad thing, because it allows that corruption to inflict more damage. Enough damage that I'm not entirely convinced that a Trump presidency would be worse.

Honestly, it's like choosing between dying of stomach cancer or skin cancer. And each time you say you're voting for not getting cancer, the stomach cancer people yell at you for "handing victory to skin cancer".

Comment Re:If shove came to push... (Score 1) 412

It's unlikely. Big, powerful, nearly-unaccountable organizations like the NSA would prefer someone a little more... politically entrenched. Trump, unlike a career politician, would actually be capable of saying "fuck these three-letter agencies, tear them all down". Don't take that as me saying he actually would, but he's capable of doing it, and the NSA knows it.

... I can't believe I just said something positive about Trump. Ugh. Our political climate is a fecal monsoon.

Comment Re:32-bit visual studio (Score 4, Insightful) 359

I'm sure Visual Studio works quite well for you. But, to counter one anecdote with another, I found Visual Studio to be lackluster and irritating in a thousand little ways, and its marginally-better code completion isn't enough to make me prefer it over either Eclipse or QT Creator.

As for a 64-bit Visual Studio, my guess is that the code problems of porting to 64-bit are dwarfed by the bureaucratic maze involved in releasing a new edition of a product.

Comment Re:Um (Score 4, Insightful) 501


You have no idea what those terms actually mean, do you? You just heard them used in negative contexts and know people don't like being called them and, without any further research, decided to apply them to everything you don't like.
The businesspeople complaining about this forced intrusion on their workflows are neither hipsters, nor are they SJWs.

Comment Re:Nuked my local game store's POS software (Score 5, Insightful) 506

Can you imagine if this attitude was taken by any other company?

"Keurig agents have been sneaking into people's houses and replacing their Keurig coffeemakers with the new, fancy Keurig 10.0. However, the Keurig 10.0 is incompatible with all old 3rd party k-cups. To avoid being 'upgraded', you should leave a sign saying 'do not steal and replace' by your coffeemaker, but the Keurig agents will remove the sign sometimes so you need to make sure to keep replacing the sign if it disappears overnight. Reports have also surfaced of the Keurig agents occasionally ignoring the sign altogether, so some people recommend having someone in the house stay awake by the Keurig at all times to decline the upgrade."

"Tesla owners are facing a forced upgrade to the Tesla Model FU, which now runs on diesel. Tesla officials say that, to decline the upgrade, simply park your car facing towards Redmond when the upgrade agents come by to check. The upgrade agents can come by to check at any time, including when you're in the middle of driving."

I could go on, but do you get my point? People should not be required to be actively vigilant about keeping their equipment from suddenly having massive (and potentially ruinous) changes forced on them.

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