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Comment Do you listen to yourself? (Score 0, Flamebait) 635

I suppose they realized that it would be just a matter of time before someone outside of Microsoft discovers a way to use the kill switch. And then every Internet-connected computer running Vista will die instantly. Hmm... Doesn't sound like such a bad idea after all...
Why is it OK for thousands of people to have their computers be rendered inoperable just because they run an operating system that you don't like? Oh, right, because Vista is the worst operating system in all of history and everyone that uses it somehow deserves their computer to be unusable.

I'd be careful with all the elitism you're spewing, you might choke on it.

Submission + - Stolen Code on Source Forge 1

ItsPaPPy writes: "I am coder/staff on a site that was broken into,, a while back. Our source code was stolen and has now appeared on We have contacted the person and our legal team has contacted SF. They have said there is nothing they can do, without having a police report their hands our tied. So I put it to the community, 1. how can this person try to put this code out their as his own, 2. how can a great community like SF, who was created for coders to make a name for themselves and their products, allow for this to go on any longer?

All the hard work we have put into the site, no anyone can just download our file and make a site just like ours. Everything is packaged including our images that we paid good money to have designed.

So I ask the community what is some one to do against a big ignorant site like SF?"

Submission + - Gmail backdoor vulnerability (

castrox writes: From the article on The Register:

The technique comes courtesy of Petko D. Petkov, a researcher at GNU Citizen, who writes in a blog post that the backdoor is installed simply by luring a victim to a specially crafted website while logged in to Gmail. The naughty site uses a slight of hand known as a multipart/form-data POST, which writes a filter to Gmail that causes all email with attachments to be forwarded to
Looks like a nasty "POST injection" from a malicious site you're visiting while logged into Gmail is all it takes to alter your Gmail settings. Apparently, Google is investigating and has no further comments at this time.


Submission + - EMI, McCartney ink with 7digital, for MP3s (

johnsson_tate writes: 7digital has become the world's first online music store to offer EMI's catalogue as DRM-free MP3s — instead of iPod-ready AAC files — and has inked an exclusive partnership with to utilize the music-suggestion service as a sales portal. Their new site offers 320kbps MP3 files from the likes of Paul McCartney and Iron Maiden, along with every other release from EMI, with albums for just £5 (about $9).

The partnership means widgets embedded on sites like Facebook and MySpace, will act as "micro portals" for people to buy music from the new site. It's claimed the new 7digital service is blending iTunes, iTunes Plus and eMusic, all with unprotected MP3's that work on any player and that don't contain any personal identification information.


Submission + - Does the media ever "get it right"?

DA-MAN writes: "When I was a young lad, I had a few stories written about me in various papers. These stories were about the Cisco Networking Academy, the "Digital Divide" and success stories. All of these stories portrayed me as a bum who made good after taking Cisco in High School. These stories were just plagued with factual errors about my life, they basically made me into a loser who lucked out, when in fact the Cisco Networking Academy had little to do with my life or career (I'm a system guy, not a network guy). Recently I saw the media paying attention to something I knew a lot about. I was a fan of a comedy radio show that was crucified nation wide for racism over a prank call. Many important facts were left out, details exaggerated and other details just plain falsified in the reporting of this story. I was just wondering if anyone else had similar experiences? Is this the norm or the exception?"

Submission + - Apple ranked least green electronics company

Josh Fink writes: "It seems the people over at Greenpeace have ranked Apple Computers the worst as far as being a "green" electronics manufacturer. Apple in turn has rejected Greenpeace's ranking system. Greenpeace has ranked a former last ranked company Lenovo as its most green company as well. From MSNBC: "Greenpeace spokeswoman Iza Kruszewska said Apple has been willing to meet legal requirements and basic standards, but it hasn't stopped using several types of harmful chemicals in its manufacturing." Greenpeace has also set up a petition to be sent to Steve Jobs to voice your displeasure here, as well."

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