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Comment Re:misleading nonsense about fantasy matter (Score 3, Insightful) 156

Personally I think that the galaxy rotation problem, and consequently the bullet cluster problem, is a relativistic effect and no dark matter exists.

I.e. the existing visible matter warps space in such a way that it increases the rotation speed of the galaxy.

Any mass in space warps the space around it. It is proven again and again, with gravitational waves being the latest proof.

So a very simple explanation is gravity from the mass of the galaxy warps space in such a way that mass around it seems sped up.

Comment Email should be double-sent to avoid spoofing. (Score 1) 189

For each email received, the receiving server shall send a request to the sending server to have the email resend. The request should be done via an email, as if the receiver answered the sender.

Once the receiver receives the email back, intact, then it is confirmed that this is an original email. Otherwise the email shall be deleted.

This is nothing more than the receiver calling the sender to ask "did you send this email?", automated.

Comment Re: Inevitable (Score 1) 140

Thank god people haven't understood yet this. As soon as they realize that what a computer lacks is a model of the world, i.e. information, we are almost done as programmers.

The real reason I cannot give a command to my computer to "create me a site like slashdot" for example, is that the computer doesn't know what I am saying.

As soon as deep knowledge AI systems are fully developed, and loaded with the appropriate knowledge, our days as programmers will be over.

Comment Why do you all accept that file sharing is illegal (Score 3, Insightful) 126

I've read all comments, and it seems everyone here accepts that providing a file sharing service is an illegal activity.

Did this man actually uploaded copyrighted material? He did not.

Did he worked on it with the purpose of others uploading movies? He did not. He just provided a file sharing service, which I have used it myself to distribute family videos that were large enough to not be sharable by email.

So why do you all accept this ludicrus position that file sharing is illegal?

Comment Ancient cultures depicted 12 planets. (Score 1) 84

Almost all ancient cultures depicted a solar system of 12 planets. Early civilizations like the Sumerians considered the planets to be Gods, which later transpired to the Greek Dodecatheon (12 gods) and the 12 disciples of Jesus.

It is quite surprising to me that we can't detect these bodies. It is ok not to detect them on visible light, but what about the infrared? IRAS was supposed to have discovered a large planetary body at the border of our solar system in 1982. Shouldn't we have ten times better infrared telescopes today?

Comment The Islamic Sense Of Guilt (Score 1) 168

Muslims all over the world think the West is corrupt and immoral and it must be set on the right path.

2nd and 3rd generation Muslims that live in western countries fill ashamed of and guilty to help maintain these western immoral and corrupt societies. Some of those react by embracing terrorism.

1st generation Muslim immigrants that have struggled to get a place in western societies don't choose terrorism because they are torn inside: from one side, they dislike the West, and from the other side, they feel obliged to the West.

It has nothing to do with poorness or social outcasting. It has only to do with how Muslims see the western civilization. That is why terrorists are not poor or uneducated.

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