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Journal Journal: Issues of the powers that be.... too many skeletons?

In a post of which someone missed my point (I apologise but I tend to "think outside of the box" and take note of little acorns that might grow into mighty oaks that one day will either stand strong or get felled) I feel that certain "leaks" of information may be a good thing in certain cases.

There are many denials by such powers that a small thing, like fiddling records, going back a good few years: many, many more if you hit google.

Worrying that these powers are in charge of our safety, economics, laws and life! Provoking thoughts like "Did my vote actually get counted?" or is this another fiddle?

Some things can be burried but if others should come to light it would topple the whole trust issue.

No I might not know much about space or the government in the USA. But here in the UK I have had enough litigation due to the NHS mess up and cover up which has left me one of those spend 12 hours a day online and get excited about software and hardware kind of geek. Every sentence I speak is something computer related.

So every leak (on wikileaks) counts for joe public (although I stand by the statement it is the last place anyone seeking to do real as in collateral damage) but it would come in handy for those who have suffered at the cost of the powers that be! From whatever country they are from.

I for one, would love to know where peoples missing records go? Would it be possible for those of a nefarious nature to get their hands on them and, say, open bank accounts, get passports in our name? Then maybe go on to do some real damage to a country all because of a government trying to cover up a mistake (many mistakes) by hiding things that then fell into the wrong hands.

How can you keep safe something that is maybe missing? No, hard work and I am sure they have no idea either.

I will journal something technological next time, this time I wanted to blow off some steam. Proudly written in Notepad++ and yes, thought about (for 8 years) before posting!

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