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Journal Journal: Which Linux distro lends itself best to a small touch screen

I have been searching lately for distros specifically tailored for small memory footprints and very small screens (5"-7"). I have looked at Damn Small Linux and am most familiar with Ubuntu and Fedora on desktops. My plans is to embed a 5" or 7" touchscreen that I already have into the door of my kegerator (old school style, deep door) that will let me select a few options as well as play music streamed from a UPnP media server. I will most likely start out by opening up and repurposing an old Intel 1GHz laptop for the brains of the operation and booting it off either a CF card or USB memory stick. Wireless support is a thought, but for ease of use I am just going to plug it into an extra 802.11g Linksys AP (for now).
Ideas and suggestions please for any projects you know of similar to this, and specifically for distro recommendations.

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