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Comment Re:Obligatory dumb question: (Score 1) 235

But even if you didn't know what it meant, isn't it obvious from context?

No. Going on context, kit could be slang for electronic equipment, machinery, or just gear. Maybe you thought we read the whole article? HA! You should know we Americans only skim bullets. We don't follow jumps or turnlines, and we rarely if ever get passed the nut graf.

Comment Are you kidding me? (Score 1) 319

The simple act of browsing the web should never under any circumstances infect your computer. The web browser is simply a viewer. It should only have permission to save bookmarks, cookies, and maybe a few other things to disk. If your operating system allows the web browser to infect your computer or to modify itself without prompting you first, someone seriously dropped the ball when designing your OS. Relying on anti-virus protection or only visiting reputable web-sites is like piling sandbags in front of your house when you shouldn't have built in a flood-plane in the first place.

Comment The most expensive wines are undrinkable (Score 2, Insightful) 336

People paying 6-figure dollar amounts for a bottle of wine are not buying a quality beverage. They are buying an rare antique. The bottles themselves are filled with vinegar at best. Of course fraud is rampant. Rich people are buying otherwise worthless objects with a cute story behind them.

Comment oh ok (Score 1) 363

Quite frankly if your getting off on pictures/videos of sex that doesn't involve the consent of everyone involved you deserve to be locked away for a very long time.

oh ok, just so long as you foot the 5-figure annual cost to keep someone imprisoned, I'm cool with it. Do you want to make monthly payments of $1800 or pay $11 000 every 6 months? Or do you want to rethink your stance on thought crimes?

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