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Journal Journal: Unreal Tournament for Mac OS X

Does anyone know if there are UMOD installers for Unreal Tournament for Mac OS X? I want to install a UMOD on Unreal Tournament X Preview 3 and I am on a Unix File System Hard Drive. Those UMODs include UT Bonus Pack, Rocket Arena : UT and Rocket Arena : UT Bonus Pack.

I would also want to know if I can uninstall UMODs in OS X.


Journal Journal: There is life out there...

My classmates from school that went to the Ottawa field trip have arrived safely. Have fun looking at a lot of movies!!!
User Journal

Journal Journal: Kevin Free!!!

I am not on /.'s front page. I don't know why it was rejected.

Journal Journal: No! Chimera don't go!!!

Well, I heard that Chimera's gone so, I might as well forget about getting future updates. I've been using Chimera since July. Now, I will be stuck using an unfinished version of Chimera. Unfortunately, Safari wreaked havoc on our G4 and it crashed. So we don't want to use Safari because of that. I really don't like IE for the Mac and Mozilla is slow. I want a Cocoa browser capable of doing what Chimera does. Oh well.

Journal Journal: And now let's meet...

My friend Alexandre has just joined Slashdot. You can visit his user page. His username is : helie.

We will be going tubing on Thursday, so it will be interesting to see how much we know about computers in the great outdoors.


Journal Journal: Out there in Ottawa.... 2

If any of my classmates see this while they are in Ottawa, please leave a comment. Stay safe.

Your classmate,

Journal Journal: Suggestion

I've seen many different articles relating to TechTV (my favorite channel). There should be a TechTV category in the icons for the articles.

:) magnany


Journal Journal: My opinion on KDE 3

I happen to think it mixed all of these elements:

1) the Win98 color scheme
2) the WinXP graphics (as in the shutdown and logout icons)
3) the KDE applications

I saw it on Knoppix 3.1. Thanks to Chris Dibona for this great gift idea.

:) magnany


Journal Journal: 30$ Router

Out here in Canada, my dad got 50$ off anything at Staples Business Depot. Then, he saw a router at 99$. We then saw that there was a mail-in rebate for it that gave 20$ off that router. It ended up around 30$ for a D-Link router.

Journal Journal: GameSpy's FilePlanet is confusing.

I tried downloading off GameSpy and I had to get a GameSpyID or else I can't get to the download link. Then, I saw that you had to pay for the FilePlanet service to get instant downloading.

Is this fair?


Journal Journal: Linux on a Performa 6400?

I am wishing to have Linux on my Performa 6400. The problems are that (1) my Performa has a problem with the SCSI chain (internal), and (2) I have the LinuxPPC 1999 CD. Does anyone know what version of GNOME is included?

Goodbye, magnany


Journal Journal: Palm OS 3.3 Free Upgrade

I just found out that on Palm's website, they put the Palm OS 3.3 upgrade on the "More Software Updates and Upgrades" page. That's great for me and other Palm III users who want to use Palm OS 3.1 software.
Christmas Cheer

Journal Journal: Hello to everyone!

Hello everyone. I just wanted to say Merry Christmas to you. This is the first time I login to /. so I wanted to say Hi.

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