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Technology (Apple)

Submission + - Beat IT Gremlins with BT Office Warfare

An anonymous reader writes: Date of issue: 16.01.07


BT Business today launches the Office Warfare game — a fast paced and fun action game allowing players to take out their IT frustrations.

Contestants become IT specialist 'Spencer James Plugspark', whose job it is to clear an infected office of IT gremlins. Using an arsenal of different weapons including fire extinguisher, stapler and cds, players battle their way through different levels. Once completed, contestants will be automatically entered into a competition to win a fantastic day out for themselves and their colleagues.

Developed by digital marketing agency New Media Maze, Office Warfare is launched in association with BT Business IT Manager.

BT Business IT Manager provides a complete service — from hardware supply and set up to advice and support for your systems.


Notes to editor:
BT Business IT Manager support includes:
o Select any combination from hardware supply and installation to IT
Support and consultancy services to perfectly suit your needs
o Expert IT provision, management and advice from £37 per PC, per month
for hardware, installation and support
o Access to IT specialists who will resolve computer or IT problems
o Network and PC installation. We work with you to create an effective
system tailored for your business.
o Single point of contact for support plus one bill with flexible finance
o Website:

About New Media Maze
Founded in 2000, New Media Maze now services a broad range of blue chip companies, boasting a client list which includes leading global brands such as Universal Pictures, DreamWorks, Activision, 20th Century Fox, 2 Entertain, EA, Disney and Jetix. Recent account wins have included BT and Dixons.The innovative and award-winning agency acts as a one-stop-shop for clients, allowing them to draw on modular or fully integrated online marketing services

- Online PR
- Viral marketing
- Advertising design
- Community marketing
- Web design & production
- Media planning and buying
- Email and mobile marketing
- Search engine marketing and optimisation We're proud to employ 35 amazing staff who are fun to work with and are dedicated to doing a great job for their clients.
For further information contact:

Kirstie Pritchard or Helen Boule
Tel: 020 7479 4310
Email: /


Christian Perrins at New Media Maze
Tel: 0207 097 3600 / email:
Lorraine Bracken: Chris Edwards:

Submission + - Apple vs. Cisco vs. GPL

An anonymous reader writes: Cisco accuses Apple of stealing, but is selling stolen goods themselves. The Inquirer reveals that one of the Linux based iPhones that Cisco ships is far from GPL compliant and infringing upon the copyrights of Free Software programmers around the world.

Submission + - Brand Experts Sound off on Cisco Suit

Ron Miller writes: "I contacted several brand experts and asked them about how they thought the Cisco law suit could affect the iPhone name and sales.

Experts believe it doesn't really matter what you call it, it will fly off the shelves regardless of the outcome of the suit. As one expert put it, "Apple could call it the 'Bin Laden' phone and it would still sell.""

Submission + - Creating a Culture of Security

An anonymous reader writes: An ever-growing growing percentage of computer crimes are being committed by professional "criminals" who steal market-valued sensitive data — e.g. credit card data and customer identities. Sometimes the criminals are inside an enterprise; sometimes insiders and outsiders work together to steal and resell valuable company data. So, what can be done?

Submission + - Bill Moyers on Net Neutrality and Media Reform

Sandburger writes: Bill Moyers gave an inspired and inspiring opening speech at the National Conference for Media Reform this past weekend. After discussing the "plantation mentality" that keeps moneyed media in charge of political thought and debate, he warns of the threat to freedom and democracy posed by corporate interests determined to exploit the internet.

Alternet ( has links to YouTube videos. The conference site ( has additional links to QT video and audio.

Submission + - SCO Group Denies Its Demise Is Imminent

Rob writes: The chief executive of controversial Unix vendor SCO Group Inc has written to its partners and customers in an attempt to reassure them that it is not about to go out of business. To paraphrase a line from Mr Twain, the rumors of our death have been greatly exaggerated, wrote Lindon, Utah-based SCO's Darl McBride in a letter that was recently filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission. While McBride's letter did not mention any suggestions of its demise directly, it can be seen as a reference to recent claims made by Novell Inc in their ongoing battle of the Unix copyrights. Waltham, Massachusetts-based Novell recently declared in a court paper that SCO's bankruptcy was both "imminent" and "inevitable."
The Internet

Submission + - 10 advanded RSS tricks

Stan Schroeder writes: "By using so called "RSS Mixers", applications that let you blend several RSS feeds into one, it's possible to achieve some interesting results. These ten RSS tricks include creating your own self-maintained community site, tracking new versions of your favourite software, and monitoring the results of a Google or Yahoo search."
The Almighty Buck

Submission + - Barnes and Noble Refuses to Refund Lost Package

Flavio Ribeiro writes: "On September 2006 I ordered $300 worth of books from Barnes & Noble. I've been ordering books online regularly for about 10 years, but this was my first order from B&N. I'm a grad student on a budget, so I payed for the cheapest shipping. Since I'm overseas and I've had packages take almost 3 months to arrive, I waited diligently. When nothing arrived, I e-mailed B&N. This is the response I got:
The package has not been returned to our warehouse as undeliverable to the shipping address you provided. (...) When no delivery confirmation is available, we will refund a lost package up to sixty (60) days after the expected delivery date. As it is now beyond sixty days, kindly contact your credit card issuer to dispute the charge.
My second attempt to contact B&N was answered with the same pre-written message, which I find quite insulting. My credit card issuer (Credicard Citi) refuses to dispute the charge, as is their policy with all charges. The fact I payed with Paypal also complicates matters. Additionally, Paypal automatically deferred and closed the claim I filed with them. The way I see this, B&N failed to deliver the purchased items, and refuses to take any action. They set an arbitrary short deadline that exempts them from further responsibility, which lets them bully international customers. This practice would never work out if B&N were a local company, since I'd be able to file claims at the local equivalent of the BBB.

I need your advice. What can I do to get a refund?"

Submission + - Full Mac OS X Support in KDE

JRiddell writes: "KDE Dot News is reporting that KDE is going native for Mac OS X users. 'Just because KDE has been designed to be portable across Linux, FreeBSD and other UNIX/X11 environments for an age now, doesn't mean we aren't up for the occasional challenge. With version 4, Trolltech released Qt for the Mac, Windows and now even embedded environments under the GPL. Since Qt is the base upon which KDE is developed, KDE is now free to offer native support for these platforms.' The article also discusses some of the branding clarifications needed as a result of this port."

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