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Journal Journal: More NT Admin woes

I just had my NT Server Admin prof try to tell me that Windows 2000 cannot mount FAT12 partitions. What?! Does he think that 2k can't read floppy disks!?! I kindly pointed out that FAT12 is Microsoft's (and many others') format for floppy disks. He then asked if NT4 could also read it.


Windows NT Server Admin: taught by morons, for morons.

And that's all I have to say 'bout that.

Journal Journal: English & Sleep Depravation

It's approximately 6:21am. And after pulling an all-nighter for my gay english class, I'd like to thank my professor (this means you Susan Latta) for being a wench from the depths of hades.

May you return to wence you came soon.

BTW: Whoever invented caffeine, I'd like to dedicate my firstborne child to you.

Journal Journal: Pain and NT Server Admin

Today is Tuesday. To me, that means three things:
    • Sleep in late; I don't have to get up until noon. :)
    • My current favorite show (the Shield) is on tv tonight, after i get home from...
    • PURE PAIN; my Tuesday evening NT Server Admin class.

    I swear... I used to like the NT line. I really did. Until I entered this class, and observed how it seems to promote stupidity. All these prof's teach are the simplest, most terrible ways of doing things. Security!? NAAW! Surely Microsoft has thought of that for us!

    Just shoot me. Please. Really. Somebody shoot me.

    I have to get back to class now... we're installing 2k Server. Yippee! (as if a band of roving chimps couldn't manage this)


Journal Journal: monitor

Ok, I'm not going to waste too much time writing this.. I've got a hankering to go play Counter-Strike . I just wanted to drop a line to anyone that would ever read through this thing: if you don't already have a high-end monitor, do yourself a favor and go buy a NEC Multisync FP2141-SB. This thing is incredible. What isn't to love about an incredibly high-end 22" monitor? ;) Trust me.. if you spend all day staring at a computer monitor (like I tend to), then this thing is worth the price-tag.

Journal Journal: NT Server Admin and pain

Ok.. so I've had this /. account for years now.. and never once thought of writing in my journal. That is, up until I took this NT Server Admin class. This class is THREE HOURS LONG. My GOD, I can feel my IQ dropping just by being here.

So I'm sitting here... in lab.. with a migrane.. watching a professor try to describe the bootstrap process to the largest group of lusers I've ever witnessed in one location. I'm sitting here, and playing with the backdoors on this 2k box. Ok now... I'll admit.. I actually like Windows 2000. Well... I at least like it for a workstation. But what kinds of morons put an admin account on a system named 'backdoor' and then gives it a password 'backdoor'? And, to make it even more fun.. it isn't a local account. It's a domain-wide account. So I've got access to all these boxen, and I'm pondering how many others have it, too? Who knows... I don't really care what worm infects this network. My point is: I've finally come to accept the truth. Windows really does help breed stupidity. It took me a while to get here... but once the conclusion was made, it can't be unmade.

Well, I've got to go... they're going to show us how to log in to these computers now. After all, it's a 400-level class and it's the third week of the s'mester! We're a week behind here!! (sarcasm very much intended)

ps. I wonder if anyone would notice if replaced Win2k with FreeBSD.

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