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Journal Journal: Meh

Yes. That's right, Meh. I just didn't want to have "I'm a douchebag" as the caption for my journal any more.

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Journal Journal: AAAAAAUGH!!!! I'M A DOUCHBAG!

Oh, I'm such a moron. I was mucking about in slashback and had moderator points, I got involved in reading a comment thread and, forgetting I was in slashback, ended up modding down three parent comments for being off topic to the discussion thread I had been reading when they were just responding to different slashbacks. Oy, I wish I could set up firewall filters in my brain to prevent mental flatulence like this... maybe some of those pine tree air fresheners hanging on my ears would help.

To fix my error I emailed cmdrtaco, found all three of the posts I had so ruthlessly slandered... or is that libelled... and forwarded the titles, url's and post #'s to him so he could fix it. He was very nice by only telling me to be more careful if I get mod points again. :)

I think I'll get some more coffee and a memory improvement program... maybe stick some paperclips in some wall sockets to wake up the shorting synapses in my head.

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Journal Journal: Ugh, I think the Slang is using biological warfare.

It's funny, just the other day a colleague and myself were having a droll little email banter concerning a certain slang term I'd never heard before. He mentioned I should be careful what I say about slang lest it kick my butt. I made the joking comment that slang can kiss my but, I'd take it on any day and other such comments.

Strangely enough, today I'm not feeling well. Hence, slang must be using biological warfare. I wonder if slang likes apologetic gift baskets...

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Journal Journal: I found it!!

Weee! I found my old account! I completely forgot the username for the longest time and the email it was attached to is pretty much gone. Ahh. Something goes right, it's enough to make my day... I hope.
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Journal Journal: Returning to frustration

Ah, back from new years vacation. I guess it was a good idea to turn it into a four day weekend. Of course I probably should have taken today off too. A wonderful vacation and I come back to a 90 degree server room, a malfunctioning air conditioning unit, and a strange device sitting on the server room filing cabinet. Well seems the strange device is an old dual DLT backup drive box which was abandoned by someone moving out of the building and which could possibly, if i'm lucky, work well enough to take care of the development database backups. ...Not sure if I'm that lucky.

Ah well. Called the AC guy to come look at the device and have to look into getting a new temperature module for our APC Symmetra UPS`s. Should have had one in the first place, but never really had the money. Still don't but it's less expensive than replacing the servers.

I haven't even had my coffee yet...

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Journal Journal: Vampire induced insomnia

Ah, another day. I'm not as bad as I was yesterday but I could still use another cup of coffee to wake me up more. The strange part is that I got less sleep last night than the night before. I need to get to bed earlier, of course.

Last night was due to my video gaming as I got into Vampire, The Masquerade: Bloodlines. I really like the changes they made from the last one, but it's still not spot on with the original system yet. My brother is a fan of the table top system and I must admit I'm very partial to it myself. Unfortunately it's difficult to get all that in a game, still have it really engrossing in content, interface, plot and intrigue, and on top of all that still have it look as good as most gamers seem to expect these days. I'm not saying I don't like good graphics, I love them and it helps the illusion of being in the story of the game, however, I don't think it's fair to expect every game to have state of the art graphics. I've seen reviews of games which gave them a low rating because of the graphics when it was actually a really good game and was a year or two old, hence, when it came out the graphics were great by comparison, but now they're only so so by comparison to the rest.

Of course, I'm one of those guys who misses the old atari ghostbusters game and can still play original NES games like elevator and have a good time, so people probably wouldn't agree much with me for the most part.

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Journal Journal: out with the old?

Well, back again. It seems a long time ago that I last used this login for anything and to proove it my old journal entries have dissappeared. Ah well, it's not like anyone really looked at the thing. Of course, as I'm now actually working in the I.T. field rather than just being a power user my entries will probably be rather different anyway.
          I suppose I could use this as my own personal blog but knowing how I tend to write in a journal religiously for a few days and then forget about it for months or years at a time my entries here will probably be as sporadic as they are in my paper journals. I guess I'll use it to vent frustrations with technology specifically. If someone happens along that may change depending on discussion topics but it makes little difference. In the mean time I'm falling asleep at work after going out with the guys to the billiard hall so I figure I'll give myself the ultimate challenge and try to study from one of my MCSE training books without nodding off.
          Oh, before anyone happening along asks, the MCSE stuff is because my work is a Microsoft shop, as in using all microsoft OSes and Dell hardware. It makes automation difficult because I always have to test something before it's implemented. I can't trust a company who'll release software with critical flaws to release patches which will work with everything, even in such an ideal environment as mine. I went to school mainly for programming, now I'm an everything guy, doing networking, security, hardware and software support, administration, etc and very little programming if any, hence my reading MCSE stuff to learn everything I haven't been able to glean on my own. I thought of the MCSA but it just doesn't have all the info I need. I figure I'll read the books for the info and since my bosses are getting psyched about haveing a MCP on staff I'll take the tests for the hell of it and to get a paper which says I know the stuff. Yay... paper.

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