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Journal Journal: No comments yet

Well, I wasn't really expecting anyone to visit. Even if they did, I would find it surprising if they wanted to comment on what I had written. The back-end of /. is a strange thing. I had been visiting for months before I understood all the posts. I had registered for a few more months before noticing the journals. I never really wanted a blog, although I feel as though I could write, I fear no-one would find it interesting. Anyway, enough disjointed rambling. Every now and again I feel moved by what I read on other sites and wish I could convey what I think with the same economy of language, mystery and beauty as others. I also want to share these nuggets with others . I don't feel comfortable posting these places to the sites that I frequent, as I see them as quiet, esoteric areas, that should remain so. I also don't think of these as mainstream links that everyone will appreciate. So why not post them here, where no-one will ever come and look? So, if you want an insight into what I like, you could do worse than having a look at this site, which perfectly embodies my sentiments.
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Journal Journal: A strange hello

Well, I'm fairly new around here. Long time lurker, new poster. I'm a little confused about this journal thing. Is it really just a blog? Anyway, I'm getting confident enough to post in it. If there is anyone out there poking around my little corner of slashdot, feel free to say hi. Don't expect too many updates, if any. OTOH, I hide pretensions of authorship, so you never know. And if that isn't a big enough cliff-hanger to hook your interest and get you checking back every few days, then I guess I'm just not that interesting. I can live with that.

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