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Journal Journal: it didnt go off, and its not a dud

an update on my last entry. i am stil alive, and nothing blew up. i really quite unexpectedly met someone. its going great. it seems you allways find what you want when you stop looking for it. i havent been this happy in a while..

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Journal Journal: hmmmm

choices, choices, so many choices. all apealling, most of them likely to blow up in my face. i really guess i have to pick one, and pick the peices out of me if it goes off.

In other news i had two great days with my friend marybeth. we say a movie (free with gift certs :) and skied the next day.

Today i installed fog lights in my car. it went well, but we had issues finding a hole to run the wire through, and one of the connectors was miss wired.


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Journal Journal: grrrrrrrr

micro management sucks. The best way to manage is to let people do their thing and to let them do it their way, as long as everything gets done.

im not happy. i used to look forward to going, but now i nearly dread each day, wishing it wouldnt come. i have been repurposed into something i dont like. i have no benifits, no hope for advancement, my only chance is escape.

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Journal Journal: hmmmm

this lj thing is somewhat addictive.
i have decided to do something productive with the hour or so a day I spend in the car going to and from work. Im going to get a set of cd's, and learn to speak french. i dont really care if i can write in french, if i need to i guess ill just sound it out like i do in english.. perhaps ill add the french dictionary to my mac.. anyway, converstional french will be usefull to have.

i dont know what it is, lately ive been on this big self improvment thing..

Congrats Steve on the baby boy.. its quite scary when your first friend (whos your ageish), has a (semi) planed kid.
imm starting to feel old..


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Journal Journal: random bits

hmmm blogs facinate me. You think you know someone, and then you read their blog. They seem much more eloquint in text then they do in life. i would imagine i sound less inteligent in text, given my lack of capitalization and horendus spelling.

I'm interested in this girl.. ive known her for years, allways had a thing for her. Shes a cutie, and has a great personality, today i casually approched her. next step Coffee.

Ive decided im going to try a take better care of myself. Eating junk food when stressed is a big reason my stomach bugs me. history holds when i kick one habit, another takes its place... I wonder what it will be this time. i also have this urge to get into shape, to loose a bit of this flab i have. i wonder how that will go.


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Journal Journal: 1st post

After much pondering i figured it set up a blog. ill use slashdot because im to lazy to set up an account somewhere else, and this is here (kinda like ie in windows)

anyway, stay tuned for much ranting and raveing

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