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Comment Re:In the land of the free... (Score 0, Flamebait) 554

Hi there, OP here. You're the only one of these assholes I'll actually respond to. Thank you! Thank you thank you thank you! You get it! To the rest of the Slashdot IT crowd, I shame you for your balls. Your utter lack of balls. Only this guy gets it. I want to abandon Google for personal reasons. Maybe an ex's dad works there and I'm "being watched". Maybe I'm a nudist, and my signature.png doesn't comply with their ToS. Fuck off, it's my business. Yes, I am a hobbyist. I only administer about fifteen servers, all cloud VPS that I've built by hand with love. I am not, however, employed as a sysadmin, hence my claims of "I am not a sysadmin", so I approach everything here with the stance of "I don't know about this as well as the qualified IT professionals who frequent this site." If this email server is just for me, I don't really worry about downtime, etc. My motivation to keep it up is intrinsic. Let's just assume I already keep my own blog hosted (with satisfactory uptime) and I'm not worried about having another service running on the box. If I can't easily provide for myself this base internet "staple good", then my friends, THE INTERNET IS BROKEN. I'm jumping into the deep end, installing postfix/dovecot/roundcube this weekend. I'd rather be SBL'd for coming from a small-time IP than hosted on servers sponsored by Google's Advertising division.

Submission + - ASK: Self-hosted GMail alternatives? 1

linkedlinked writes: "I'm tired of building my sandcastles on Google's beachfront. I've moved off Docs, Plus, and Analytics, so now it's time to host my own email servers. What are the best self-host open-source email solutions available? I'm looking for "the full stack" — including a GMail-competitive web GUI — and don't mind getting my hands dirty to set it up. I leverage "most" of GMail's features, including multi-domain support and fetching from remote POP/IMAP servers. Bonus points: Since I'm a hobbyist, not a sysadmin, and I normally outsource my mail servers, what new security considerations do I need to make in managing these services?"

Comment Re:No, it's $9 - Actual Reply to US Craigslist Pos (Score 2, Interesting) 844

I've gotta chime in here: We hired some Philippines (outsourced, based in the Philippines, while our main office is in San Diego) to work on a few small projects. In the 6 months they worked here, they should have had no trouble finishing the scripts we assigned them. Granted, there were some [massive, devastating] natural disasters in the Philippines during the period I'm complaining about, therefore we elected to fire them and move on, instead of pressing for a refund. In addition to asking for more time, money and vacation, as parent suggested, in one single week -- ONE WEEK -- the following complications arose:

Monday, my employee could not make it to the office due to a fever.

Tuesday, my employee showed up for work at 9am, but the power went out at noon, and the whole office was given the rest of the day off.

Wednesday, as my employee was driving to work, he got in a motorcycle accident, and did not come into the office.

Thursday, my employee worked a full 8 hour day, but did not `git commit` anything, did not email me about his status, and did not, apparently, get anything done.

Friday, my employee was lost in a flood. His manager called me to explain that, while she has no idea where my employee is right now, she's going out into the flood, personally, to search for him.


Submission + - Beating the RIAA at their own game?

linkedlinked writes: After reading the latest on the court rulings concerning the RIAA, I had the idea to catch the RIAA with their pants down. Someone should release an original 'song' (it could be a random soundclip) under a permissive license on their website, but in the license, explicitly prohibit downloading it for members of the recording industry. Name it after a big-label song. Then, seed a torrent, and watch all your connections for matches against a list of known RIAA IPs, and proceed to prosecute. If it works, the RIAA either pays up (all lawsuit proceeds to EFF?) or is forced to invalidate their own arguements in court to avoid a lawsuit. Can anyone see a reason this wouldn't work?

Submission + - JetBlue's Windows Infrastructure Crashes

hawks5999 writes: JetBlue's reservation and communication systems have been down for 5 days leaving thousands of passengers stranded and stockholders seeing red. It was almost exactly 4 years ago that JetBlue trumpeted it's reliance on Windows to help it see black. From a 2003 news.com article:

So we marched down the road of the Windows platform. We don't have any Unix; we don't have an AS/400; we don't have any mainframes — we don't have anything outside of Windows. There has been tremendous cost savings. ...everything's Windows. Every technician that works on a server works on a Windows server. Every technician working on a desktop works on a Windows desktop. That's quite a bit easier than other flavors of desktops or OS/2 or whatever else is out there.
I guess they didn't look at redundancy or reliability in their cost equation...

Submission + - How much storage do you "control"?

linkedlinked writes: While looking for some old backups with a friend, we started talking about storage space, and how so many of our random files wind up in obscure places. We realized that each of us has "access" to a pretty sizable heap of storage (for college kids). I would guess that, between ftp accounts on friends' servers, random school storage space, root access to a few work servers, and my own half-dozen computers and servers, I probably have near 5-6 TB of usable storage. Out of curiosity, we decided to ask Slashdot- legality aside, how much storage space could you feasibly dominate on a whim?

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