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Journal Journal: Simple guide to computer security on the internet

Faced with a large number of friends, family and aquaintences that fail to understand how to keep their computer safe, I have written a simple (I hope) guide to the dangers a computer faces from the internet and how to keep it safe.

It can be found at my web site

Please pass it on to anyone who needs to read it.

Any feedback would be apreciated.


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Journal Journal: Battle of the moderators

I don't make a habbit of writing journal entries, but I had to comment on the strange battle that has been raging around a post I made a few days ago. I was a fairly innocent post, I thought. The story was a strange one, someone in the UK (where I live) made the front page with a scare story about the UK having an unreliable power supply and that it was about to undergo random power cuts. I thought this absurd, and said as much in this post.

Moderators obviously agreed with me at first, because within a couple of hours it had reached a score of 5, insightful from a +2 start. Then the strangeness; a few hours later I was apparently a troll, and two people moderated me down again. This, it seems, is enough to strip the comment of it's karma head-start.

My comment was now at 2 once more and had recieved a total of 3 moderations up, and 2 down. This morning, however, I logged on and found to my surprise that I am now considered... wait for it... funny! Yes, my post, once insightful, once a troll, once posted with a +1 karma bonus, now causes mirth and laughter. Not only that, but a simple statement to stop being so silly causes a total of six moderations to be wasted on one comment.

I would ask these moderators what they were on if I wasn't one nearly every week myself.

*shakes head in bemused wonder*

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