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Journal Journal: Injecting text into a copy/paste from text, using only CSS.

I recently discovered a half-bug which affects all the major browsers, and only requires CSS to function.
It is possible to place text-off screen in such a way as to add text in when a block of text (such as a URL) is copy/pasted as Firefox appears to select text based on the code, not on-screen location.
In the day and age when people are told to copy/paste links to sites to avoid fake links, this is a pretty easy way to falsify a link. It's not entirely effective, as it's easy to spot when you paste, and doesn't help with security certificates, but if one uses a long URL and masks it cleverly, it could be an effective tactic, given the ignorance of the average user.
Obviously, the text is selected due to code position, as doing it any other way would be slower, so whether this should be 'fixed' or if it is even a bug is in the air, but, at the very least, it's mildly interesting.

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