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Journal Journal: Poor security on

After reading the /. story on the controversy surrounding, I decided to visit the site. After clicking the "New to Turnitin" button, I found that their service offers very poor security for student papers. E-mailing their tech support produced no reply or acknowledgement.

For example, if you want to read their student documents, there is a simple way to do it. Enter this data into your browser:

Replace the "1" with any number up to 8191, and you can read student papers. I'm sure that given time, one could figure out out to read the text document without previous conversion to image format.


Journal Journal: So if the RIAA gets antsy...

...they can just "hack" my computer and “pay” the consequences, right away! That is what many people, who are finally P.O.ed about being sued for listening to music, are going to say. I came across this interesting little bit of legislation while trying to accumulate data for my lawsuit against for illegally using my database to run their web site, for which they subsequently neglected to pay.

For the full article, please check out netCoalition's web site for information. So, speaking of extractions, here's a legal one, or you can read the M$ Word document link here.

The members of NetCoalition firmly believe that existing law already provides more than adequate protection for producers of databases. In fact, the database community, which includes Internet companies, has repeatedly demonstrated that existing variety of federal and state laws, including federal copyright law, federal anti-hacking prohibitions, and a variety of state contract and tort laws, are more than sufficient to protect their work from those who would engage in unlawful uses of their materials. For example, the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, 18 U.S.C. 1030, allows a web site operator to obtain injunctive relief and an award of damages against a person who extracts, without authorization, even one fact from its web site provided that the operator spends $5,000 on damage assessment.

As I see it, it does not matter what exactly is in the database, but who assembled it, who cared for it, and what sort of a data structure it maintains. How else are we supposed to care for and protect the only thing which is truly our own, our minds, and the extension of it that is a computer database.

Aloha, Adam

Operating Systems

Journal Journal: Artificial Intelligence and Neural Networking

Note to self. Record concept today of the neural network as preprorammed object.
As I see it, artificial intelligence is a function of predefined by unknowable objects. Thus I see the operative messages of this system as a sort of "open neural net" which requires no pre-programming.
I know of no way to write this at the current moment so I'm using this technology in a limited way to drive PHP web sites. My site address is current but the site itself is not yet functional. If someone wants to lend me a hand, then maybe it can come online faster.
Mahalo nui loa,
A hui ho,
P.S. - Note to self: don't open up floodgate of public ciriticism by asking for help, they may actually grant it. Come on, people! Also, not to slashdot mods, give credit where credit is due, also enough with the old trick of turning linebreaks into BRs, that's so 90s.


Journal Journal: Elegant PHP Structures

An algorithm which cannot be reproduced by anyone else without having the source code represents a distinct, unknowable piece of software (in my mind, although it might not conform to the current idea of one, a neural network) and is therefore copyrightable and patentable. Thus, my legal claim against the web site is valid and legal in full and I am due damages en minima of $50,000.

I think that the concept of elegant structures should be revived as a web site for these structures, for which I would love to do the graphics, maybe created live with PHP instead of close-source tools.


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