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Comment Re:Computers and networks in cars are fine (Score 1) 76

In principle I agree with you, but...

Computers + cars, as you've said, is a wonderful thing.
I personally chose my [used] car based on the LACK OF network connectivity (before it was a known issue).

I liked the Chrysler 300 w/ uConnect. So I bought one -- specifically 2012. I wasn't considering any 2013 or later as it was mid-way through 2013 that they added Internet capabilities to uConnect. I wasn't going to muck around trying to figure out when the car I wanted was manufactured during the year -- I just decided to only look at and consider 2012 or before.

We all see how well that played out (w/ Jeep). The exact same system / setup is in the Jeep...

Comment Re:Here's what I do (Score 1) 366

I love Synology hardware -- don't trust their updates. One of their recent updates wiped my "root" account on the device(s). They can muck with admin, but should never touch root, but I digress...

RAID-6 is the way to go IMHO. Synology's built-in backup mechanisms didn't give me a warm fuzzy feeling -- it all goes into a database. When shit hits the fan I want quick quick quick access to my (or your) files.

I chose the two Synology approach. Each with 8 drives, RAID-6 (dual hard drive failure). One onsite. One off. This is for the house...

Here's the trick: rsync over ssh to a local hard-linked differential backup. I have 5T of live data currently with hundreds of full backup sets -- this is only using 8T on the remote backup array today (so 3T of new or different files over a few hundred days). The Mac's backup to the array to sparsebundles which is then rsync'd to hard-linked differential backup sets. Only the changed bundle files are transferred, but each set is a complete bundle.

On the remote it looks like this: 1/all_my_files and then 2/all_my_files ... 199/all_my_files. Only when the oldest backup of the file is deleted is the data really released. Deleting 1/some_file will release the inode, but the data/file may still exist in 2/some_file, etc...

I have bash scripts / cron doing it all. Assuming backup set "1" is in place the rsync for "2" may look like:
rsync -avx --human-readable --progress --stats --delete --ignore-errors --force --link-dest=1 -e 'ssh -p ${PORT} ' root@${IP}:/volume1/${REMOTE_DIR}/ 2

Comment Citisucks (Score 1) 675

I love Citibank's ATM's ... you now have to "dip" your card (swipe), wait for the machine to tell you to just insert and leave the card (chip'd), wait some more, THEN enter your PIN number.

My other problem (with ALL banks) is that I DO NOT WANT A CREDIT CARD (or debit) tied to my primary checking account. The account where I, you know, pay my bills. Who's bright idea was it to do this -- allow someone to easily empty my account leaving me with bounced payments while cleaning up the mess?

I want a ATM [only] card. Can't get that anymore. So I take debit/credit cards and lock them away and NEVER EVER use them other than as a ATM card and ONLY at their locations. I never pull cash out any old place. Silly IMHO.

Give me a credit card that requires a PIN entered. Problem solved (if programmed correctly -- assume the card reader / phone or internet connection have been tampered with).

Comment Device? (Score 2) 226

Device? Depends where I am and what I'm doing I suppose. A Mac mini is the cat's meow IMHO. It is my main device for watching "TV". It also makes it trivial to stream anything any way I want to my other devices.

Other devices would be something iOS. iPad's, touches, and iPhone's depending on location / use there. VLC usually going back to my library directly (or live TV).

I've used Plex for management, but really don't anymore. Too much database corruption problems with it. Easy to do though as it's just another avenue to scan libraries.

Connected to the Mac via bluetooth I primarily use a numeric keypad with most of the keys re-programmed / re-purposed -- depending on the APP [BetterTouchTool].

One key is space (play / pause pretty much across the board). 0-9 tunes the TV for EyeTV, whereas I decided "6" changes the aspect ratio for VLC.

Across the top where function keys -- now APP keys:
EyeTV Netflix Sling VLC iTunes
Other keys programmed differently, but universal for function, ie: one key is "G" (guide), another now says "F/S" (FullScreen on/off), etc. +/- channel up/down in EyeTV, but will play next/previous song for iTunes. No function in Sling. So on and so forth .... BetterTouchTool.

That's the primary remote -- the secondary is a old iPhone pretty much running BetterTouchTool -- which allows you create custom menus on the display along with acting as primarily a mouse pad...

Running a full blown Mac gives you WAY more options than just a AppleTV (tried it upstairs, meh), Roku, Chromecast, etc... The Mac wins in this case -- hands down IMHO. It helps that ssh / bash / unix is the under-pinning for remote access whether locally in the same room or from work... Of course my desktop there and at home are other Mac's. :)

Comment Skip it (Score 3) 300

I personally never eat breakfast -- during the work week.

I'll eat a minimal lunch (always left overs = free mortgage payment per year :). Oh, wait, I don't have a mortgage anymore because I did that...

On the rare weekend days that I do eat breakfast I'll skip lunch altogether. I'm not hungry.

Dinner, for me, IS the most important meal -- and in many cases the ONLY meal I'll eat for the day.

No, I don't snack either. The funny thing is per US BMI fatso rules I am considered over-weight too boot. Of course they have always said that about me since grade school. I've always ignored it all. Even my doctor looked me up and down and said, "No -- you're just fine. Keep doing what you're doing."

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