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Journal Journal: Reptile Virgin Births 1

From the article (BBC NEWS):
"Scientists report of two cases where female Komodo dragons have produced offspring without male contact.
Tests revealed their eggs had developed without being fertilised by sperm - a process called parthenogenesis, the team wrote in the journal Nature.
One of the reptiles, Flora, a resident of Chester Zoo in the UK, is awaiting her clutch of eight eggs to hatch, with a due-date estimated around Christmas."
It's funny.  Laugh.

Journal Journal: Casey and Andy Ending

Earlier this week Andy Wier, the artist and writer of the popular web-comic Casey and Andy has announced that he will end his comic. Unlike Nuklear Power or RPG World, which have obvious endings, this announcement came as a surprize to his loyal fans. Over the years this comic has supplied an ample amount of nerdy physics jokes, puns, non-sequitors and the occassional earth-shattering explosion. Its popularity had even won it a GURPs module.

Andy Wier has decided to run about 45 more strips, ending the comic (appropriately) at strip 666. His reasons included "[coming] to dread Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday nights because I have this annoying 2 hour chore to do on each of them" and because "the quality of the jokes and storylines has deterriorated over the past year as my ability to make fresh content for C&A has all but evaporated." He promises to finish the last story arc, concluding all the loose endings in the plot.

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