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Submission + - Oblong's g-speak: the hand as user interface (

tracheopterix writes: Bloomberg Television's Innovators series which ". . . brings you people who are changing the way we live, from new ways of interacting with computers and exploring space to high-speed communications and creating in 3D" has profiled Oblong Industries for their first episode which aired today at 6pm PDT. Oblong, notable for their g-speak "Spatial Operating Environment" or SOE, is "swinging for the fences" with the goal of replacing the mouse on every computer in the world. Their tech has deep roots from the MIT Media Lab and Minority Report; the 30 minute broadcast show (the first in a short run) gives in-depth interviews with Oblong's founders and shows the company's work.

Andromeda Devouring Neighbor Galaxy 60

Scientific Ninja writes "Astronomers in the University of Sydney have captured pictures of a 'union' between our closest neighboring galaxy, Andromeda, and its smaller neighbor, the Triangulum Galaxy. Published in the journal Nature on September 3rd, the research shows how large galaxies grow by incorporating stars from surrounding smaller galaxies. This popular model of galaxy evolution, called the 'hierarchical model,' predicts that large galaxies such as Andromeda, which can be seen with the naked eye from the northern hemisphere, should be surrounded by relics of smaller galaxies it has connected with."

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