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Journal Journal: Back to work!

Well, after a lengthy period of downtime, I'm happy to report that I'm finally back to work. I just started up with Bloomberg two weeks ago, and just yesterday received my first paycheck.

I don't really know that much about economics, but it seems to me that there's some indicators that the economy is starting to pick back up again. Hopefully the labor scene will turn around, and all the other out of work /.'ers will find employment this fall.

Unfortunately, I'm now working long hours with a long commute, so I won't be posting quite as much...

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Journal Journal: New Homepage

I'm pleased to announce that I just put up my new homepage. It's not 100% complete yet (there are still some links to parts of the old site) but it's a nice start.

The new site is generated using my new spugweb infrastructure, a system that unifies a set of web technologies that I have been developing for many years now.

So stop by and check out my software and music.

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Journal Journal: Karma Excellent!

Woohoo! "Karma: Excellent"! Guess all this sitting around in my underwear reading /. when I should be looking for a job has finally paid off!

Anyway, A few well-placed trolls should take care of this situation. ;-)

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Journal Journal: Beginning of 2003!

Wow. Didn't think I'd live this long. ;-)

The beginning of this year finds me looking for a job, reading Slashdot, playing quake, and writing cool fun software for myself!

I'm always looking to meet intelligent, interesting people, so if you're an open-minded individual interested in politics, Cool Network Software, Singularity theory and speculation as to the general meaning of life, nature of reality and the past and future of mankind (or if you're just interested in a hot game of QuakeWorld) send me a message!!


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