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Journal Journal: War, huh, good gawd y'al. 1

I really don't like the fact I am about to turn 18. With this whole impending war thing (I wish Bush would have just declared war on Iraq last night instead of drawing it out). I especially don't like the fact that my former home state of South Carolina has a senator that doesn't do crap, and another that wants to reinstitute the draft and make it legal for the government to pull males over 18 out of college. I don't like that at all.

Plus, we have the whole Canada solution. Me and my friend Pat were talking about how we could go to Canada. This could turn out badly. Where would we go? Montreal is out, because neither of us speak french well enough, so that leaves Ottawa and Toronto. I could live in Toronto. Might hide out in British Columbia. Always wanted to live somewhere desolate. Plus, I would need a broadband internet connection, a job, a place to live, etc. etc. Living in my truck would suck. And I don't think I can get cash for a mobile home that quickly... so if military drafting does come back, I am screwed. At least I could buy a mobile home afterwards.

Finally, I think like most of the anti-war protestors think, that this war is about money. It really is. Bush is hoping that it will stimulate the economy, and that a new influx of cheap oil so we can drive SUV's will come into the US, which is just crap. Screw it, we all gotta die someway, and if I go and it is my time, then it is my time. I don't think 200k service people is going to get it done. I think we are going to get tag teamed by some other countries (egypt, syria, and Saudi Arabia in the end), and that everyone is going to bail on us like in Vietnam.

It doesn't help I know service people who have been ordered over there. I know Sgt. Tony Massengail doens't come here, so I just hope he stays safe. He is the one true person out of this whole damn thing I hope doesn't loose his life. I called him before he shipped out, and since he never had a son, I guess he always thought of me as one. It made him happy that I called, I hope.

That's all for now.

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Journal Journal: getting started

I love slashdot. I think I should use this on techrebels... just on the side for my blog. It would work well... maybe. Anyhow, where was I? Oh yes, the whole "getting started" thing. I hate having to get started it makes me feel too in charge. I would rather jump on a bandwagon. That way, there is no accountability. Oh well... gotta go.

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