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Comment Re:Good list... (Score 1) 226

...I use my mouse for looking, as well as left and right click for forwards and backwards...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who uses my mouse that way, right/left click for movement, not shooting. My mouse is for moving and looking around / aiming, and my other hand is on the keyboard for shooting, weapons selection, using items, jumping/crouching/strafing.

Comment Re:Micro-USB (Score 1) 322

I wonder if the GP meant mini-USB; I mix that up in conversation sometimes.

It is as big, by far more robust, you can get cables for it and you are not afraid to plug it in. And plugging in is easier, as the plug will "find" its way in.

I would take issue with the "robust" part of that. Granted, mini might be moreso than micro, but I've been sorely disappointed with mini itself lately on my cell phone. After a year-and-a-half of plugging in my phone nightly to charge it (and occasionally in my vehicle, but not nearly as often), I've had two cables fail to the point where they don't make reliable enough contact to charge the phone anymore. I thought it was the phone until I swapped the charger and had another cable failure.

Nothing appears to be wrong with the cables; no corrosion, tarnished contacts, bent pins, or whatever. I have various other cables that I plug into my laptop daily that have held up well. Maybe it's just the small form factor.


What Features Should Be Included With iPhone 3.0? 606

With the announcement coming tomorrow, Macworld has posted their top list of 15 features they would like to see in an iPhone 3.0 update. The list includes some things that people have been asking for since launch (like cut and paste) and things that were once there but have since been silently removed (like push notifications/background apps). With almost 2 years of time to grow and learn, what other things are woefully inadequate on Apple's popular handheld?

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