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User Journal

Journal Journal: Early EVE Online Trinity update can bork boot.ini

Dear customer

Some users may have been inadvertently affected by an error in the install scripts for the Premium Graphics Upgrade process for the new Trinity Expansion.

Only those who meet ALL of the following criteria need to take further steps:

        * You started downloading the upgrade from Trinity Classic Graphics Content to Premium Graphics Content BEFORE 04:00 GMT on Dec 6
        * You must be using a version of Windows other than Vista.
        * You must have Windows installed not on the primary partition.
            You must have at least 2 hard disks and the OS must be installed NOT on the primary, but the secondary hard disk

If all these apply, you MAY be affected by a known problem with the Graphics Update system. All other users are unaffected by this issue. The Trinity update (including Premium Graphics Content) is now available for all users and this error has been corrected.

If you think you MAY be affected by this issue, please take the following steps (information also available here:

Step 1: Verify if you are missing your boot.ini

        * Click the "Start" button
        * Click "Run..."
        * In the input box next to Open: type CMD (click OK)
        * At the C: type bootcfg If you are missing your boot.ini you will see the following error: ERROR: ACCESS DENIED. Proceed to the options below.
        * If you receive something with Boot Loader Settings with information under it, you are not affected.

Option A: Checking for existing backup files

        * Click "Start"
        * Select the "Run" option
        * Enter "c:\windows\pss" and click "OK"
        * If you receive an error file the directory does not exist and you should attempt one of the two other options.
        * If the directory opens, you should have a backup copy of the boot.ini file.
        * Copy it to the root directory (usually c:\ ) and remove the .backup from the filename so that the filename is boot.ini
        * Then retry Step 1

Option B: You have NOT rebooted your system and you have System Restore active (default)

        * Click Start
        * Click All Programs
        * Click Accessories
        * Click System Tools
        * Click System Restore
        * Click the option Restore my computer to an earlier time and click Next
        * Choose an available date prior to the install date of the program. (you will not loose any documents you have created)
        * Click Next
        * Click Next again when it confirms you restore date
        * Windows will then log you off and the System Restore Window Box will come up.
        * The system will then reboot itself once or twice and then Windows will then restart Once Windows starts up ok, then the system restore screen will appear. Verify this and click OK Windows will finish starting up. Please go back to Step 1 and verify that your boot.ini is OK

Option C: You have a Windows OS CD available

        * Place the Windows CD into the CD drive and turn on or reboot the machine
        * When you get the message Press any key to boot from cd.... (press any key)
        * Windows Setup screen will start and it will start to load needed files
        * Once the Welcome to Setup screen appears, choose R to Repair a Windows XP installation using Recovery Console
        * On the Recovery console you will be prompted with the Windows installation you would like to use. Use the correct number for your install and press
        * Under Type the Administrator password enter the password and press
        * You will then be at a command prompt C:\Windows> type bootcfg /rebuild and press
        * You will then be prompted for some information by the machine itself. Please answer the questions presented.
                                + Some common questions will be: *** The answers below are recommended, but may not fit your situation *** Add installation to boot list? Y (recommended)
                                + Enter Load Identifier: Example: Microsoft Windows XP Professional or Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition
                                + Enter OS Load Options: /fastdetect (this option will automatically detect and options that are available)

Once all questions have been answered, type exit and press to reboot and Windows should start normally. If you have an option for which OS to start, the choose the OS that you typed in above and choose Enter.

For those of you who need further assistance please file a petition
in the boot.ini technical category from our website or by sending an email to or call one of the temporary special call-in help lines that we have set up:

*Phone numbers omitted*

Please note that these special help lines can only assist with this particular issue.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this issue
. All expansions and patches currently on our website are free of this error and safe to download and install.



This affected me, my boot.ini's entry to start GRUB on my other partition was wiped out. Very strange indeed.

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