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Journal Journal: Adios, jtheory! 1

I'm moving to Michigan in a few weeks, and my wife and I have been trudging through the myriad little decisions for weeks already. We've been renting a decent-sized house since fairly soon after college (with attic *and* basement), so we've hardly thrown anything out in years (now we're going to have a hell of a tagsale, and a mountain of trash by the curb). But there are sometimes silver linings... I was sifting through a bunch of old papers, and ran across a printed email from, telling me the password for my new /. account. This was back in mid-1999, so the UID is < 30K (that's 597521 users before I created the jtheory account!). I'd totally forgotten about it. Apparently I never posted a single comment.

So... I fully admit it's kind of juvenile, but I'm retiring ~jtheory and moving back to ~JavaRob just for the prestige of the better UID. We all know there's no real meaning in a UID... but still I tend to automatically trust a user more if they're at least sub-100K. Even if they're a troll, they're a dedicated troll!

So -- if anyone cares -- let it be forthwith known: jtheory is now (again) JavaRob.

[Such a silly thing, and here I am all excited. If only I could get Taco to just switch the UIDs... jtheory is a better nic.]

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