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Submission + - FreeBSD and NetBSD in Amazon's EC2

jschauma writes: To the cloud! Amazon's Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) has long offered cheap virtual machines
running Windows, Solaris or Linux. Recently, both NetBSD and FreeBSD have been added to the mix:FreeBSD's Colin Percival made available experimental FreeBSD/EC2 AMIs, and
based on his experience and instructions, NetBSD's Jean-Yves Migeon wasable to make available (equally experimental) NetBSD/EC2 AMIs.
Oooh, cloud!

Submission + - NetBSD 5.1 released (

jschauma writes: NetBSD 5.1 has been released. NetBSD 5.1 is the first feature update of the NetBSD 5.0 release branch. It includes security and bug fixes, as well as improved hardware support and new features. Some highlights include: RAIDframe parity maps, which greatly improve parity rewrite times after unclean shutdown; X.Org updates; Support for many more network devices; Xen PAE dom0 support; Xen PCI pass-through support. For a full list of all changes, please see the release announcement.

NetBSD 5.1 is dedicated to the memory of Martti Kuparinen, who was the victim of a traffic accident in June 2010.

Operating Systems

Submission + - NetBSD Blog This, NetBSD Twitter That (

jschauma writes: The NetBSD Project announced today the availability of the NetBSD Project Blog, their first offical interactive news outlet. In addition to the netbsd-announce mailing list and the regular website announcements, this blog hopes to provide frequent and somehwat more detailed updates on new developments within NetBSD and pkgsrc. In addition to the blog, a NetBSD tweet or whatever those things are called has been created. What's next? A facepage? A MyBook site? NetBSD/iphone?

Submission + - NetBSD gets a journaling FFS (

jschauma writes: NetBSD's Simon Burge has added metadata journaling to the FFS (fast file system) code to NetBSD-current. The journaling code, known as WAPBL — Write Ahead Physical Block Logging — was originally written by Darrin B. Jewell for Wasabi Systems, Inc., and was contributed by Wasabi to the NetBSD community earlier this year. Wasabi has been shipping WAPBL-enabled products since 2003.

Submission + - Yahoo! becomes Platinum Sponsor of Apache Software (

jschauma writes: Yahoo! published a press release, announcing that "it has become a platinum sponsor of The Apache Software Foundation (ASF)." In their company blog, Yahoo! points out their particular interest in Lucene as well as Hadoop and that they have hired Doug Cutting, creator of both projects and VP at Apache. (Lucene powers the search on Wikipedia; Yahoo! also provides hosting capacity to Wikimedia.)

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