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Journal Journal: ClamWin Affected by a "Y2k9" Bug

Unfortunately, quite a few of our clients are experiencing a bug with ClamWin Anti-virus that seems to be caused by an inconsistency with the new daylight savings time and the end of the year. The fact that user's are not at work (on vacation) means that the software has missed scheduled scans and is now getting confused about running those scans with the end result of initiating up to 50 different instances of the scanner in order to complete those missed scans. Many users seem to be affected by the bug as shown in thread on the ClamWin Forums.

Journal Journal: "Support the Free Software Movement" on's new web application, entitled Ideas for Change in America, allows users to submit and vote on ideas brought forth by the American people. Currently, in the Technology Policy area, an idea entitled "Support the Free Software Movement" is currently in 9th place - it has a nice write-up about Richard Stallman and the movement as a whole. Head on over and let our new President know how much we want free software to be integrated in the government's infrastructure.

Journal Journal: Sharp's Open Systems Architecture for Copy/Print/Fax

For those of you involved with document management and archives, I just found out that Sharp has introduced a feature on their line of business machines called "Open Systems Architecture". It's basically a series of software implementations written in Embedded Java that let a business create their own interfaces that deliver digital content over SOAP, XHTML, XML, and all that jazz. What's amazing is that we're all still using paper!
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Journal Journal: Senate Committee Conducting Hearings on DMCA

After sending a letter to my U.S. Senator, Jim Webb, expressing my deepest outrage against the DMCA and other intellectual property laws that encumber thinking, creativity, and the arts, I've received an interesting reply from the Senator.

According to Jim Webb, "You will be pleased to know that the United States Senate Committee on the Judiciary is currently conducting hearings on the DMCA and other copyright issues."

He assures me that my own, and the rest of Virginia's, interests will be considered; but honestly people, if our interests were considered.... would we even have the DMCA?!


Journal Journal: XP SP3 on Automatic Updates (For some reason)

Perhaps I'm mistaken - but I thought that Windows XP Service Pack 3 wasn't supposed to available in the Automatic Updates system until later in the summer because it was causing some reboot problems. However, I just received a prompt for Automatic Updates requesting that I install it because it's so *great*! Is this another Microsoft snafu?
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Journal Journal: SkyBus Packs up Shop - Tonight

On a non-technology related tangent, SkyBus airlines has decided to end all flights after Friday, April 4th 2008 and will officially file for chapter 11 bankruptcy on Monday, April 7. This comes as a shock to all who had assumed that SkyBus ultra low ticket fares were becoming popular in the economy ticket markets. This is the third airline to close this week.

Journal Journal: Personal Info on Presidential Candidates Breached

The New York Times is reporting that,
"The State Department said on Friday that the passport files of all three presidential contenders were improperly accessed by employees and the department's inspector general is reviewing the matter." and that "The breaches involved electronic files that contained personal information about Senators Barack Obama, Hillary Rodham Clinton and John McCain."

Could this be a political attack?
Media (Apple)

Journal Journal: Apple Might Bundle Unlimited Music with iPods

Ars Technica is reporting:

"A report by the Financial Times (registration required) cites unnamed executives who say that Apple is in talks with record labels to offer access to the entire iTunes music library for a lump sum price. The fee would be added as a premium option on an iPod or iPhone, or it could come as a monthly charge. It would allow downloading of any song at any time so long as the purchaser still owns the device, and the songs would be yours to keep."

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