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Comment Re:Make America Great Again (Score 2, Interesting) 256

Trump is not paying one bit of attention to the FCC. Pai is an out control representative of Verizon, not voters. The question is, will Pai's utter corruption have consequences at the polls causing Trump/Congress to start paying attention?

The other part of this -- rate relief is generally provided when the vendors are unable to make a profit. Most of the B2B lines already carry profit margins exceeding 90%. This is just simple corruption - remove the price caps so that monopoly vendors can gouge until the customer can no longer pay. Removing net neutrality is also just another way to gouge companies like Google, Netflix, Facebook. The ISPs are hugely profitable, they just want even more.

What's driving this? Verizon paid $130B for Vodaphone. The have to make the money to pay off that $130B somewhere, and US customers are the target. Of course we are getting nothing in exchange for being gouged to pay off their Vodaphone purchase.

Comment Re:so (Score 1) 102

I agree, from what I've observed the drive to invent is an innate ability not something you learn in school. Training certainly hones this ability but I've never seen training create it where it did not previously exist. Go hire some people that show talent for inventing things in your field and then surround them with people that can take that invention to market. Also - inventing by committee is probably the worst possible way to do it.

Comment Re:What's wrong with these people?! (Score 1) 619

What we ought to do, is abolish all the special rules and requirements for the visas, and just make it even easier to hire workers.

You do understand that the basic welfare benefits provided by the US exceed the average wage earned by 80% of the world's population? So if there was unrestricted immigration to the US a few billion people would migrate to the US.

Comment Re:What's wrong with these people?! (Score 1) 619

Of course no qualified US computer person is going to take work at $35,000/yr.

Looks like there's America's problem, right there. Why are we so expensive? Why are foreign programmers so much better than us, that they're able to work cheap while still living in America with all the same expenses?

What we ought to do, is abolish all the special rules and requirements for the visas, and just make it even easier to hire workers. Stop using government to prevent a free market, so that the market can force programmers either accept $35k/yr or else find a job where they're more competitive. Remove all the weird rules and you can squeeze out the need for the body shops' legal expertise; i.e. remove the parasitic middlemen and save $45k/yr. The programmers ought to be applying directly to the employer.

Duh? The US programmer won't take $35,000/yr because they can easily get twice that or more.

The Indian is willing to take $35,000 since they are indentured servants. If they complain in any way they are on the next plane back to India where they are going to earn $15,000. They do this because it pays more than working in India, they get US experience on their resume, and they improve their English. Many of these people live ten to an apartment to reduce expenses.

Comment Re:What's wrong with these people?! (Score 5, Interesting) 619

To understand how this scam works... H1-B Indian will have BS/MS degrees (from India) and they are willing to work for $35,000. So the body shop takes out tiny ads in local newspapers offering to hire programmers/testers with a BS/MS for $35,000. Of course no qualified US computer person is going to take work at $35,000/yr. These ads generate the "proof" needed that these jobs can't be filled by Americans.

The body shop then brings in 500 H1-B people and pays them $35,000/yr. According to the law this is allowed, there are no US citizen willing to take these jobs at $35,000/yr. But then the owner of this body shop turns right around and places these people as temp workers for $80,000/yr. He undercuts the US temp workers who would get $90,000/yr.

This is a great business $80,000 - $35,000 = $45,000 profit per H1-B visa per year. This is how you make $100M from owning a body shop over the course of a few years.

Comment Re:So actually enforce the law? (Score 5, Insightful) 619

Haven't you noticed hundreds of tiny ads in the classified sections of local newspapers asking for programmers or testers and they include salary information? But when you contact them you never hear anything back? Those ads are generating the "proof" needed for the government that the position can't be filled by American workers.

Comment Re:What's wrong with these people?! (Score 5, Insightful) 619

Abuse of the H1-B program is not primarily done by large corporations. Instead there are specialized "body shops" doing it. These body shops pretty much only employ H1-B Indian software/testing people and then rent them out to business in the US as temporary staff. These body shop companies make huge profits for the owners since they bring in the H1-B people at very low wages and then rent them out at 90% of a normal salary. The savings to the large corporation is not much since most of the profits accrue to the body shops. One of these shop owners lives near me in a $20M house and has made over $100M profit from renting out H1-Bs. These body shops are where the bulk of the abuse occurs and they need to be outlawed.

Comment Re:Taxes are for dummies (Score 1) 903

Why is Social Security going to collapse? Simple the government never invested the money that was contributed, Congress just spent it and gave IOUs to the Social Security Administration. When the SSA ask Congress to give the money back -- duh, it's gone, it's not coming back. The Social Security surplus is one of the main things that has allowed Congress to do deficit spending for decades.

No need to worry, just look at the deficit graph for social security.

Comment Re:Taxes are for dummies (Score 1) 903

Most people don't realize this but Social Security is actual a great deal for someone his age. Statically he is likely to get back 10x what he put into it. Current retirees should not complain for a minute over what they paid into Social Security. While it might not be enough to live on it sure was a great investment for him.

The people who are going to get toasted are people who have not retired yet. Looking at my personal Social Security projection I will statistically only get back about $0.67 on each dollar that was contributed. Sticking my Social Security contributions in a mattress would be a better investment. Consider how awful the ROI on this investment is -- the money has been invested forty years and it earned a 33% nominal loss plus probably double that loss due to inflation

Millennials are likely to see a total loss of their Social Security contributions. .

Comment Re:Taxes are for dummies (Score 2) 903

50th percentile people certainly pay taxes. They pay sales tax, state taxes, gas taxes, property tax, social security tax, car licensing tax, etc. They also pay a small amount of federal income tax, articles put it at 3-5% of their income. Usually the largest tax in this list is property tax. But that makes sense - you get direct benefits of police, fire, roads, schools, etc for that tax. And you have local control over property tax, if it is too high go to a town meeting and complain.

Comment Re:Taxes are for dummies (Score 1, Insightful) 903

The US income tax system is highly progressive. Currently the bottom 45% of US households pay no federal income tax. So when you look at the tax burden of the average American family (ie at the 50th percentile) that family is only paying a little federal income tax. To get to the number in the article it is other taxes like property tax, social security, state tax, etc.

Comment Re:You tell'em! (Score 2, Informative) 132

Pai does not represent Republicans voters, in a recent poll 77% of registered Republicans disagreed with his proposals. Pai has been bought by lobbyists and represents his corporate constituency, not voters. Trump does not seem to care about FCC so I doubt if he has a clue what is happening there.

Comment Re:Trump 2020 (Score 4, Insightful) 132

Of course the ISPs will agree to this and they won't even cheat. But your Internet service is going to have a 10GB cap on it and everything else is going to be "zero rated". And of course you'll be paying $100/mth for this 10GB to get "connectivity". Then the ISP will charge those other companies another $100 to zero rate and escape the ridiculous cap. If you want more "neutral" bandwidth, that'll cost you $5/GB.

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