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Journal Journal: Lets blow up some stuff

Quick thought before I sleep:

Has anyone actually blown up their monitor using Linux? I hear all the warnings...but I couldn't find one single instant of it on google. I'd like to know if it's ever actually happened, or if it's some evil joke started by Linus and his gang, just to make us all paranoid while configuring hardware. And if it DOES blow up, how badly? Does it just kinda fizzle? Or is it a real explosion?
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Journal Journal: Who's hitting me...and why? 2

I've left apache on for the past few days, and I stuck a link to the live screenshot (a program which I wrote to automaticly take a screenshot (and display it) when it's hit) in my AIM profile. Most of the time I don't get hit...but for some reason, whenever I'm asleep I get a ton of hits. I'd really like to know who these people are, too. I've tracerouted/hosted/etc... them, with little success. The most recent one is from a Comcast IP, and nobody I know uses Comcast (at least I don't think anyone I know uses them).

It's not really a big deal, I guess. Leave a server up with a link to it somewhere, and people are going to hit it. Maybe I should put up one of those guest book thingies I keep hearing so much about...;)
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Journal Journal: Yet another journal entry...

Okay, actually it's my first. But don't let that bother you.

Nick is complaining about floppies, and how much they suck compared to CDs. He's right...I think. If he'd stop getting drunk and throwing them around the room, they'd probably last longer. I have floppies that work that date back to the early 90s. He says he gets 2 years out of them. Bah. Lay off the beer.
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