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Journal Journal: Insomnia and Classic Rock Radio

Awake at 4AM, eyes burning, radio on...

Sting thinks that he has a big enough umbrella, but he always ends up getting wet, anyway. It appears that he's wrong about that umbrella being big enough. You'd think that Sting would have enough money to buy a new, bigger umbrella. Or possibly a global weather control machine, to keep it from ever raining again.

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Journal Journal: Lightbulb Suit: A Database Nightmare?

Lightbulb Suit: A Database Nightmare?

I had a strange dream just before waking this morning. I was walking the streets of New York, back at home again. At some point, I realized that I was wearing a sort of suit or costume that was essentially a giant lightbulb covered with blue fake fur. As I walked along, I started to feel like no one understood why I was wearing my lightbulb suit. I found myself at a store -- a clothing store, I think, where I knew the people -- and I thought that they would understand. I walked up the stairs and started wandering through the aisles of the store, but my lightbulb suit kept getting caught on things; I suddenly realized that the people in the store didn't understand my lightbulb suit at all. I left as quickly as I could, but by the time I got to the street outside, everyone from the store was out on the steps watching me. One of the women called out to me:

"Hey! Are you a nut case, or do you just dress like one?"

I turned back towards the street and walked away, but two women followed me, and their conversation carried forward to me.

"Why did you hire him, anyway?" one asked.

Her friend replied, "well, he doesn't understand the database at all, but he's got a cute butt."

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