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Journal Journal: Bored

I've had no mod points for weeks. They hate me. They always have. :(


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Journal Journal: Ooh! GOOD Karma

I'd like to thank the moderators for such good taste. eye thank ewe.
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Journal Journal: moder-meta-moderating

I got 5 more moderating points and used 'em.

Then I did some meta-moderating. So that's what it means.


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Journal Journal: Dunmoderatin

Well I used my 5 points. While feeling a very small frisson of power, I don't think my life has changed.

For information, I rated 4 posts up and 1 down (troll). I wonder if my mood will be different next time?


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Journal Journal: I got 5 moderating points today. Woop-de-do!

Only yesterday I was musing on moderating, or was that moderating on musing?
So I have 3 days to "spend" my 5 points. I just used one of them. It's not going to change my life.
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Journal Journal: Sigh! First and second post rejected

Well, I thought the first posting was fine but it was rejected. Then the second posting to "Ask Slashdot" was rejected too. I don't know why but I feel like I was judged and found wanting. C'est la vie. /JE

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