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Comment Re:I finally could tell my friend to go to hell (Score 3, Informative) 461

You are right that OS/2 was way better than Win 95. However, IBM was always on board. It was Microsoft who sabotaged OS/2. You do know that Microsoft wrote the original versions of OS/2? But at the same time, they were working on Windows 3.0. When it was released and got popular, they basically bailed on OS/2. And left IBM to clean up the mess that Microsoft had created. IBM had mostly rewritten it by 1996 when OS/2 Warp 4 came out. But by then, it was too late.

Comment Letter to Adobe (Score 1) 272

Dear Adobe,

Are you tired of Apple kicking your ass lately? Then hear me out. If you want to take it to Apple, start porting your apps to Linux. I run nothing but Apple hardware. I would love to go back to Linux full-time. Give me Photoshop and Premiere and I'm there. Otherwise, I will stay with OS X and not use your products.

Comment Sorry Adobe. You blew your chance. (Score 1) 731

I'm tired of the whining Adobe. You basically have ignored Apple for the last decade. Your products suck on their platform. You went for the lowest common denominator in development, which means, its mostly designed for Windows. Now that Apple has a dominant platform in the iPhone, you cry about it. Too bad.

Comment I feel your pain (Score 1) 490

What you have at your place are executives who don't want to make tough decisions. They want the decisions to be made for them. If they give Microsoft exclusivity over their I.T. choices, it makes their life much easier.

I suffer from the same things. We've been an IBM shop forever. Our managers have basically given all control to IBM to make our decisions for us. But we hired a new CIO. Not a friend of the mainframe. While we haven't abandoned the mainframe yet, its going to happen. Unfortunately, our CIO is making the same mistakes as the previous generation of CIO's. While he's no ally of IBM, he's had no problem going with Microsoft for everything else. So nothing has really changed.

I believe its really the culture these managers came through. In 10 years, we'll see more upper-level managers who accept open source or Apple technology.

I guess its really hard to find upper level management who believes in their employees. They are going to side with Microsoft over what their employees tell them.

My company hasn't listened to me ever. They only listen to IBM, Microsoft, and Gartner. Yet, when Gartner tells them the same thing I told them 18 months earlier, its like a revelation to them.

Comment Open-source needs designers (Score 1) 683

Those are the words of Mark Shuttleworth. He said that while giving the keynote at PyCon this year. He says that "good enough" is no longer good enough. I think what he's getting at is open-source needs to start sweating the details. It needs to learn from Apple. Solid software needs to look as good as it works.

Comment I work in an IT dept for a local gov't (Score 1) 364

I sent the link to this article around this morning because I believe its exactly whats wrong with our IT dept. We bill departments every year for our work. I think in our case, the solution would be to fund IT off the top of the city's budget and then we would not have to bill the departments. We could treat them as partners rather than customers.

Comment I don't care anymore (Score 1) 292

I've got around 200 DVD's in my house. What a waste. 80% of them have been watched once or twice. I've recently purchased a Blu-Ray player to go with my new TV. I refuse to buy movies anymore. Its Netflix all the way for me now. And in 5 years, I hope to be able to stream movies in real-time once my FIOS is at 100Mbit download.

Comment Re:It is not a ridiculous claim (Score 2, Interesting) 279

PostgreSQL languished from 1993-1996. Then the developers who looked at the code decided it was best to rewrite everything from scratch. This slowdown in development is why MySQL became more popular in the late 1990's. Plus, it was the database used in almost PHP book published. PostgreSQL in the late 1990's through early 2000's had a very solid codebase but very little work had been done on it from a performance perspective. Work throughout the 2000's has improved the performance tremendously and now the core team is focusing on bring replication to it natively.

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