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Journal Journal: Genetic diversity vs retardation vs Adam/Eve . . . 1

(Hopefully this is going to Samantha Wright's journal, where she can read it, and not mine . . . Never used the "journal" before.)

Oh ye mighty biologist . . . (Saw you signature, and I have no one else to ask, so here goes.)

(btw, I believe in God, but please try and ignore religion and answer from the purely biological perspective . . ., and I mean no offense to anyone from the terminology used below . . . "retardation" may not be politically correct, but I left my "PC" guide book in my other pants. )

If, continual-perpetual "inbreeding" leads to high rates of retardation and birth defects, and (as I last heard from National Geographic) there was one "biological" Eve, and 10-11 or so "biological" Adam's "way far back" . . . then why aren't all 7billion around now . . . retarded with birth defects, after many centuries of inbreeding from a microscopically small starting pool?

Sure, watching CNN or HLN for a few hours, might be convincing evidence . . . that we are all operating under diminished capacity, but still . . .

Why if you're 11 people with common parents living in Rural Kentucky do you end up with blue skin and six fingers or toes, but if its 11 people a couple of ten's of thousands of years ago . . . do we end up with the fantastically diverse spread of "relatively" genetically healthy 7 billion people we have now?


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