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Comment Re:Indeed (Score 1) 306

Translation is poor friend. Sorry.... As for: "2) is especially important if you train somebody for a job." ... then yes, I'm saying the company should do that!!! After all, if a company has such employees and expertise, and experience, then they could create a new thing! A new market! We've seen that happen with the Internet, eh? Whatever that is! I reckon capitalism is just that, instead of just sitting on all markets like some fat dragon and controlling everything. Right?

Comment Re:Liberal Arts - still a skill. (Score 1) 306

That's a lotta years of study and money. My point is, and this is how things used to be done in industry, it was the company who trained you in those skills. They can afford it, after all. Can you? Considering student dept, and the dept level of everyone in North America, is dumped all this educational dept onto the individuals shoulders fair? Just to get a job at all???

Comment Liberal Arts - still a skill. (Score 4, Interesting) 306

I find this most refreshing. I've always been confused by corporations insisting on hires based on knowing the job already. What? You, Mr. Corporation aren't innovating and training your crack staff to forge the new world you keep telling us the 'free market' slides on like ice? Guess not. Considering the news that in fact, even Silicon Valley has used collage grads, who are dragging massive depts just to get the 'specialized skills' corporations have been screaming about for frickin' years, were actually paid crap and worked like dogs while, Oh, these companies colluded to do just fucking that. Free market seems to mean "we get labour free". Well, cheap, at least.

Even the much maligned Liberal Arts Degree should be enough for any employer to see that this young person can, you know, LEARN THINGS.

Comment Re:McCarthyism v2.0 (Score 1) 242

Well, you don't need to guess. I don't have the link, but there have been stories in the press about exactly that. There are paid-for commentors all over the Internet. They range from everything to psy-ops, think tanks, political parties, three-letter-agencies, and so on. They post everywhere too. After all, they have the resources. And they all stem from Right-Wing sources, as was reported. Yes, the Internet is a terrific source of propaganda, even in the forums. Just wait till election time, it's always much more obvious then.

Comment Congress (Score 3, Insightful) 179

Wait... does anyone seriously think that Congress will pass funding for anything related to NASA and the space programs? The current, Tea Party locked, science committee that recently called Climate Science "not science at all", Congress???

Good luck with that.

Unless it's a back-scratch back-room subsidy for their ilk and/or a state they wanna buy votes outta, forget it. Not ... going... to... happen.

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