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Journal Journal: Dot Slash 3

More and more people seem to be disappointed by ./ editors and editorial management. Yet no other site (except kuro5hin, but it's not that vivid anymore) came into light.

There are plenty of reasons to that, for sure. I think the main one is that geeks are not that prone to change, since /. provide a very well-known interface.
Some kind of monopoly ; a monopoloy which would use gregarity as a critical mass, to prevent people from fleeing the blatant misuses of the system.

Hence, why not completely copy the site ? We could use the XML feeds (once every thirhty minutes), and get the same look and feel in the short term, just to get people feel at home.

And then, gradually change, pragmatically improve the built system. In short, a fork.

The advantage of that is a democratic and, let's hope, more journalistic system. No more censored threads, no more factual mistakes (double check, my lord). And then, subsequently, less trolls.

I think 10 people would be enough. I'm looking for volunteers ; especially in Perl hacking (in which I'm not skilled enough). I can take care of the site redesign, and of a good part of the edition.

Someone ? something ?

We've seen enough of this.

It's funny.  Laugh.

Journal Journal: Mail fortunes 4

Am I the only one to have a mail box that let me store my 1500 mails for free ?

Or is the Hotmail/Yahoo FUD actually working ?

Or is the average geek not able to find a mailbox provider that give you 100 Mb of space for free ?

For one and every situation mentionned above, and especially for the French community, take a look at Freesurf. It's about 100 Mb, and it's free.

Maybe, though, I'm too stupid to understand the very subtle meaning of having a 2Mb Hotmail box...



Journal Journal: Questionning the system 5

At some point reading too much of /. becomes expensive for your health.

So you decide to spend 15 minutes on /. some days in the week, and nonetheless you can fall on awkward moments.

So as today.

This guy is a f$%&ing karma whore. He posted some comments with a sig pointing to The cunning troll decided to post some well designed and mainstrean thought messages that immediately got modded up. Fine ; some moderators are stupid, and that's it. We got stupidity everywhere. Some alert users detected the trick. I guess I was one of them. Not that much reaction from moderation, and obviously the guy decided to remove the sig. He keeps posting, and my anonymous warnings are modded down flamebait.

Today it's raining. Sometimes I would say mankind is bound to fail, and that very type of event is the hell epitomy of our little weaknesses that make boulders, boulders, boulders, nukes, and boom. I'm sick of this site where too few want to accept that complexity is to be taken care of.

Some volunteers for building up a new site ? :_)

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