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This was forwarded to me from some old friends. They're legit; I know back in the old days they used to always say "Don't be evil."... can anyone lend them a hand?

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I write to inform you of our desire to Liquidate estates or landed properties in your country on behalf of the Director of Contracts and Finance Allocations of the Federal Ministry of Housing and Internet Searching in Nigeria.

Considering his very strategic and influential position, he would want the transaction to be as strictly confidential as possible. Currently he is in a "quiet period", so he is not speaking very much, and he wants his identity to remain undisclosed at least for now, until the completion of the transaction. IT IS ESPECIALLY IMPORTANT NOT TO ATTRACT THE ATTENTION OF THE UNITED STATES SECURITIES EXCHANGE COMMISSION, as they have been a great hinderance of late in our efforts to achieve a desirable outcome.

Hence our desire to have an agent; in fact, many. I have therefore been directed to inquire if you would agree to act as one of our agents in order to actualize this transaction.

The deal, in brief, is that the director has executed a large investment overseas which, though successful, has been problematic to liquidate due to its size and currency, and problematic overseas regulations. The director wishes to liquidate this investment in order to pursue other investments in estates, properties, and securities. The funds with which we intend to carry out our proposed investment in your country is presently in coded accounts at Credit Suisse First Boston, and Morgan Stanley. The primary hindrance is that these funds are in the Nigerian currency, the "Goog". We need your assistance in order to change this currency for dollars. Once you have acquired these "Goog"s, you must wait one day before exchanging them for dollars yourself.

For this, you shall be considered to have executed a contract for the Federal Ministry of Housing and Internet Search in Nigeria for which payment should be effected to you by the Ministry, but indirectly. The contract sum shall run into US$1.8 Billion, of which your share should be 5% if you agree to be our agent. (Our original contract sum was $2.7 Billion, however due to problems with other agents we have been forced to take additional measures in order to acquire the cooperation of new agents, possibly including yourself.) As soon as payment is effected, and the amount mentioned above is successfully transferred, we intend to use our own share in acquiring some estates. In the light of this, I would like you to forward to me the following information:

1. Your stock brokerage account if any
2. Your personal fax number
3. Your personal telephone number for easy communication.
4. Your Bank Account Details
5. Your Social Security Number

Once you have furnished this information to us, we will a lot you a special "bidder ID" with which you can place a "bid" on the contract sum.

EVEN IF YOU CANNOT BID ALL OF $1.8 Billion, ANY AMOUNT WILL HELP. We are seeking many agents so it is OK if you do not have this full amount. Your money will first be transferred into our special Credit Suisse / First Boston / Morgan Stanley accounts, in exchange for the Nigerian currency "Goog", and one day later you will be able to exchange this Nigerian "Goog" currency back again for 5-10% more than your bid.

Again, it is most important NOT TO DISCUSS THIS WITH THE UNITED STATES SECURITIES EXCHANGE COMMISSION, as they have not looked kindly upon our 5-10% guarantee and have been problematic to us on several fronts as of late.

You are requested to communicate your acceptance of this proposal through our below stated email address , after which we shall discuss in details the modalities for seeing this transaction through. Your quick response will be highly appreciated. Thank you in anticipation of your cooperation.

Yours faithfully,


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Journal Journal: Slashdot moderation irony

So I'm reading along on a thread, and I see someone post something which is valid, but the moderators mark it as flamebait, so I think to myself, how do I get around this?

I know - I'll mark that person as my friend, and that way I get to read what they have to say no matter what the slashdot moderators do.

So what's the net result of this? My friends tend to be those people whose posts look like flamebait on a regular basis.

Likewise, my foes, once I mark some, will tend to be those whose posts are quite polite, and sound good, but are completely uninformed.

Then again, if I do that, I won't have the enjoyment of ripping into them from time to time. Guess that's why I don't have foes yet.

ps "Comments cannot be disabled once enabled".... what's that all about?

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