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Comment Re:I'm totally shocked... (Score 1) 614

How is this insightful? It's not even true.

Minimum wage in the US was originally $0.25/hr in 1933 (declared unconstitutional in 1935 and reestablished in 1938). If minimum wage kept pace with inflation it would have gone from $0.25 in 1933 to $4.64 today.

If you're working 40hrs/wk at federal minimum wage, then there are a lot of budgeting guides on how to live on the $1,000/month. The what I saw wasn't as detailed as I would like, but there's obviously people doing it. There are also gas stations all around me that start at 50% higher wages, but you'll have to at least be ambitious enough to be a better cashier than the ones at Walmart and McD's. If you have more ambition than being a cashier, it wasn't long ago that Mike Rowe was advertising jobs for CAT mechanics that started at $60,000/yr with training and no experience required.

Comment Re:New fullscreen application launcher! (Score 1) 43

I have my icons on home screens arranged in folders. It's faster that way, and the larger icons (compared to my computer start menu & quick launch) are good for my imprecise thumb. Your benchmark on a desktop being good is that is provides the same level of productivity as a poorly configured phone?

Problem 1: It's a single-tasking UI (not even my phone is as limited as Win8)
Problem 2: The icons are not well organized (I expect KDE will fix this, where Microsoft never has)
Problem 3: It requires more clicks/touches/actions to launch common programs vs my quick launch, which makes it objectively worse than my quick launch (hard data here!)
Hard Data 2: Windows 3.1 had something close (or at least much closer) to a full screen launcher, Program Manager which was a full window launcher. The transition away went MUCH more smoothly. In fact, Windows 95 still supported the Program Manager from 3.1, but I don't remember hearing of anyone using it or wanting it back.
Hard Data 3: You can get a start menu style program launcher for Android. Apparently people do want it back, even on a mobile screen.

Comment Re:When regulations deter competition (Score 1) 253

I couldn't find a citation for Google having spent $28 billion so far. There was some sort of $20-28 billion cost projection for KC, but it was based on ignoring what Google said it costs to go with numbers closer to industry norms. Google said that building their own networking equipment isn't that difficult, and in return they get much better and cheaper equipment. I don't know of anyone else doing it, but then again, Google has a bigger customer facing network than anyone besides L3 (i.e. AT&T, Comcast, Cox, Time Warner, Verizon, etc.).

If you were rolling out a new service that you wanted to succeed, and had people bending over backwards to get your service, why would you start someplace difficult?

Comment Re:dump trump (Score 1) 686

I'd begin by saying the correlation between formal education (usually the only kind actually measured) and intelligence is a lot looser than people realize, so pooling them together creates some rather meaningless data. Most of the dumbest statements I've heard are from people with Masters and PhD's, and some of the tests of people's intelligence were clearly written by someone either pushing an agenda or acutely mentally deficient for the task. Yale Law professor, Dan M. Kahan, was conducting an analysis of the scientific comprehension of various political groups when he ran into a shocking discovery: tea party supporters are more scientifically literate than the non-tea party population.

Comment Re:Assholes ... (Score 2) 328

Congratulations on getting a product out in only 18 months that includes so many security holes that people were finding 13 per day. While not a good accomplishment, it's still quite a lot of work to create quite the impression. Unfortunately, it's not a good impression. It gets worse when you watch your programs break with security updates. Java was at least becoming more secure under Sun.

Java 8 may be the most vibrant and advanced release ever, but the language is still horribly limited and any benchmarks I've been able to put it under run slowly while being a memory hog. The number of top severity CVE's (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures) still showing up in Java 8 also is staggering.

Comment Re:Sorry guys, but you are full of shit (Score 1) 533

The standard in TFS is "high quality" video. 1Mbps upload isn't for video conferencing isn't high quality video, especially since it's real-time, single-pass encoding. With 4k TV's being so cheap ($340 on Amazon), I wouldn't really call 4Mbps a high quality video stream either, especially to watch something with high-motion like Football. The change won't force them to upgrade, just limit what they can keep marketing as broadband.

Comment Re:Sorry guys, but you are full of shit (Score 1) 533

The broadband requirement is to stream high quality video, not "enough for a lot of people." Cell phones have already broken past 1080p screens, and in the US you can get a 4k TV for $350 (plus shipping). A 4Mbps video stream isn't enough to satisfy such screens, and 1Mbps upload is laughable as high quality video streaming when you consider there are services like Skype.

Comment Re:Sorry guys, but you are full of shit (Score 1) 533

I have a 23" screen that does 1080p, and I'm tired of seeing subpixel artifacts from the rgb arrangement (purples are quite odd with the gap in the middle). Don't tell me 720p is fine. Steve Jobs nearly started a war against high resolution screens based on studies of people with mediocre vision (see Why Retina Isn't Enough). With good vision 1080p is around the useful limit for a 23" display at 10 feet or a 1080p phone with a 2.3" screen, though there is some evidence to support that human vision can see quality beyond even these numbers that are based on Snellen tests.

BTW, I just checked Newegg, Target and Nebraska Furniture Mart (the most mainstream stores I could find to properly split 1080p and 720p inventory). At Target 1080p sets outnumbered 720p by 77 to 25. At Newegg 1080p/4k sets outnumbered 720p by 445 to 91. At Nebraska Furniture Mart, 4k televisions alone outnumber 720p by nearly 4 to 1. You can even pick up a 4k TV from Amazon for under $350. I'm not sure what you're calling modern, but it doesn't match what's in the stores. If we're coming out with new specification guidelines, it should at least be on par with what is being sold now (if not future sales). ATSC was foolish and short-sighted for not including 1080p.

Comment Re: Flashback to the 90s (Score 1) 60

You can download them as a Microsoft document. If the formatting is off, then just blame it on being a different version of Office. Everyone in business knows Microsoft Office is only partially compatible across product generations. In fact, I've wasted over 12 hours because an important Excel function stopped working correctly in 2013 (or possibly earlier), and I still have no fix.

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