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Journal Journal: New House in Sacramento

So I just moved into my new house, way down in midtown. That takes my commute from 3 minutes to 33 minutes (if traffic is heavy). We now, however are walking distance from a plethora of eateries / drinkeries / coffee houses / and underpasses where possibly homicidal bums live. So it has its plusses and minuses.

We are also on a mission to turn the place into a fully functional babe lair - however that costs money (which we have a little of), and an eye for stylish things (which we don't have). It is pretty big, two large rooms plus two bedrooms, hardwood floors and lots of character. I was thinking of finding some aspiring internal decorator (female of course) and enlisting her help. Although that is probably just wishful thinking.

I watched part of Warren Miller's "Ride" last night, man I already miss skiing, it is going to be a long summer. You know how sometimes you hear sounds or smell things that instantly bring back a memory, especially the ones that are good. Well, Warren Miller's voice does that for me. Instantly makes me want to go up into the mountains.

I meant to mention something earlier about my first successful lucid dream (since early childhood). I have been trying to do this for a while and pretty much gave up actively pursuing it months ago. I will post the dream log for that night sometime later.

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Journal Journal: First Journal Entry

Bwahahaha, the journal lives again despite my alma mater's policy of disabling accounts 6 mo. after you graduate.!

Well here goes....

Journal Entry #1
First, a gripe, slashdot doesn't let you use many tags, like <font> or <table> are disabled. So no perty colors or formatting for you.

My webpage will be back up sometime, probably not soon, but eventually it will happen. Basically I need to run a server or pay someone to host my webpage, which is a hassle. I already tried some free thing Barth had, but it didn't work. They had a crummy pseudo ftp interface on their page that only kinda worked half the time.

The job oppurtunity in Barcelona closed before I even had a chance to apply. You really have to jump ontop of those new jobs these days.

Slashdot is getting fairly boring, I rarely read more than the articles these days. I have had a couple stories accepted and many rejected, my karma whoring comments here and there but it gets boring educating the masses over and over again, or getting educated about stuff you wanted to comment on, but didn't really want to know more about.

I am thinking about getting a new computer, top of the line Hyperthreading, 9700 Pro, Rambus, etc etc. but I hate spending money, and that would be a lot of money. Something about two harddrives and a raid controller running raid 0 is very appealing though.

"He who sacrifices liberty for security deserves neither.", Benjamin "the Butt Grabber" Franklin


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