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Comment Re:You mean the hack "re-enables" Siri (Score 1) 148

I was being glib, of course, but it's difficult to believe that this needs explanation. Apple liked this app and wants it to become a core feature of their products, differentiating one from another. They couldn't very well allow it to live on as a free option if they're relying on it as a feature, you see? I understand that people feel upset that it's been taken away but Apple is betting that the outcome will be favorable to them. One could also argue that Siri will get better and improve over time now that it's been elevated to an A list feature of their flagship product, not just one of many free apps in the app store. Better long term outcome for everyone, though it's a loss for the early adopters.

Comment Re:Good News (Score 1) 217

Fun fact: if you don't defend any patents you are granted, you lose the rights to them. So patent holders in the current system effectively have no choice but to pursue defense. I know this isn't as much fun as the "Apple is a big meanie" argument but it's an inconvenient truth.

Comment Re:This is a sad day for the tech world (Score 1) 1027

Did you mean some other "closed" smartphone OS? I read your comment in the context of the comments above it, which were about iOS and Apple specifically. A straw man argument actually is an analogy which sets up a fundamentally flawed comparison. People seem to be enjoying iOS devices very much, based on the sales figures and every consumer survey that I've seen. Are those flawed also? Calling someone a "fanboy" only means you can not rationally rebut their argument. Do you disagree with that too or does it just apply to "haters?"

Comment Re:This is a sad day for the tech world (Score 1) 1027

First of all, I doubt that the average smartphone purchaser is voting on this issue with their dollar anyway (though I realize this is sort of ducking the whole argument in a wussy way!). I think there will always be a market for more than one phone platform, just as in computing. I'm mainly disputing the gp's assertion that people are rejecting iOS devices because of the curated OS. For instance, iPad sales are killing all the other tablets -- is that despite the average person's supposed hatred of the closed environment? Are you willing to make that argument?

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