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Comment Re:Dropbox (Score 1) 421

What if Dropbox's datacenter burns down?

Since Dropbox files are stored locally on your sync'd computers as well as in the cloud, your house and Dropbox's data centers would both have to burn down to lose all your data. This also saves your data if they suddenly go out of business.

Another plus of Dropbox that I don't see mentioned so far is public access folders. I can drop a file into the Public folder and right click the file to get a publicly accessible link.

Also, if you upload a file anyone else has uploaded to the cloud already, it figures out (via black magic, I assume) it already has that file and doesn't upload it. Instant sync, doesn't waste upload bandwidth, and allows your other sync'd computers to instantly download it.

Comment Re:Some Advice (Score 1) 107

It really depends on what you want to do when you get out of school. I for one enjoy some of the mathematical rigor that certain classes require. I've learned more in my CS based math classes then my math classes alone. After I graduate in December I hope to be in more of a visual field. I enjoy GUI aspects, and I find it fun explaining CS to the non-technical. My take on it, is I would enjoy the IT field, but I could always fall back on it if I get a BS in CS (can't as easily visa versa).

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